Offline Filter Thread Direct Link This Post. My nurgle daemon prince, i’m happy with how he came out, it’s my first painted forge-world model. Mamon is a Daemon Prince of Nurgle, known as the “Arch-Corrupter of Vraks”. It is not known when Chaos managed to subvert Mamon, but he was already. 3 days ago Nurgle armies looking for those will need to use vanilla CSM rules and detachments. .. Daemon Prince of Nurgle – Buffs himself, Death Guard, and Nurgle . in Death Guard, he only buffs himself and Mamon Transfigured).

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Also who is Zhufor? Flamers of Tzeentch Horror. General Movement Psychic 7th Fortifications. See this ruling for an explanation, but you use Codex datasheets with Index points values when both datasheets exist but you’re using wargear only available from the Index, and Index datasheets when the Codex datasheet doesn’t exist, with Codex points values for wargear when available.

The last transmission had been a garbled message, received by an Administratum office on Cadia. Here was a man who could lead them. These things will cleave through any tank you point them at, never mind what they’ll do to Primaris Marines and other tough multi-wound infantry. Decisive action had to be taken.

Rumours abounded that heretical forces were already attacking neighbouring systems and that Vraks must be ready to defend itself.

Monstrous Creature Daemonic Gifts: On Heavy Blight Launchers: In addition, it gains the following ability: Until the rise of Zhufor, Arkos was the de-facto general on Vraks, running the war whilst using Cardinal Xaphan as his puppet-ruler. For glass cannon melee units that rely on being the first to strike in the Fight phase to compensate for their poor durability like Daemonettes, Howling Banshees, and Emperor’s Children Chaos Space Marinesthis can leave them defenseless at the worst possible time.

Some even argue that the Daemon Prince is overpriced for this reason, not just because of the needed upgrades, but the fact the damn thing can still be instant killed by Force Weapons, Railguns, and things of that nature. This brings us to our next point, wargear. Where he failed to buy loyalty, Mamon soon had the leaders replaced, using the Cardinal’s influence to install more amenable leaders.


Moreso than any other faction that can take them, Death Guard Leviathans might seriously want to consider mixing melee and ranged weapons. The Ectoplasma Battery is less impressive, 24″ Heavy 5, S8 AP-3 D3 and causes a mortal wound to the dreadnought on the roll of a 1 booooo.

It also comes with the extra Curse rule, which can completely remove ANYTHING that fails a toughness test in a 3″ radius of the Prince chances are low for more juicy targets, but somewhere in the grimdark future, the dice gods are laughing at your next victim!

Forgeworld daemon prince of nurgle (mamon) – Forum – DakkaDakka

The running of the Departmento Munitorum armoury returned to normal. Since the final desperate battles for control of Vraks, during which the freshly transfigured Mamon fought alongside the Nurgle-worshipping warband known as the Tainted, the foul rites to summon him have spread to several other Nurgle worshipping cults and warbands.

This can be fixed by taking powers from the Biomancy table, but again, it increases the already expensive price tag, and the powers are random, so even if you go all out, you may end up wasting 75 points and still not get Iron Arm. Mamon exists now only to destroy and pollute any living creature he comes across, leaving nothing but slime-drenched ruin and tainted earth in his wake.

What do you mean by book 2 or 3? He didn’t make appearances in public, he sealed himself away within the palace, and only a selected few were allowed access to his Holiness. Leonis had been a missionary, martyred in the 38th Millennium after having his eyes removed whilst spreading the word of the Emperor across the wilder systems of Scarus sector. The sisters of the Order of the Argent Shroud took up residence in the small priory attached to the Basilica of St Leonis and formed an honour guard to the revered saint’s remains and relics.

Yay for Smite spam! From the far end of the corridor more guards appeared. The weapon uses the following profile: A single shot rang out acros the Citadel.


Daemon Prince – 1d4chan

He can also teleport. He no longer has access to the Black Mace or pretty much any of the weapon relics.

Quickly the sniper reloaded his rifle and jumped back through the thin vent that had allowed him access to the ledge. More on that later. Theirs was a sacred duty to guard against heresy within the Imperial Cult, to monitor and police the Imperium against the enemy of corruption within. Nhrgle Iron Claw remains largely unchanged, Sx2 AP-3 D6 not -1 to hit rolls with the Warp Sword being potentially good now with User S, AP-3 and flat D3 damage which also allows you rerolls to hit much better than the last edition for sure!

Troops [ edit ] Cultists – Urles proof that Grandfather Nurgle loves everyone equally, the humble Cultists are a solid investment in a Death Guard list. His weapon, the Plaguesprayer, is a 9″ Assault 1d6 S2d6 AP-3 D3 Plague Weapon that autohits like a flamer, which means that with a good enough roll for its S and number of shots it can trash anything from MEQs to vehicles.

Doesn’t have as rulss guns as the Fire Raptor but can take hellstrike missiles or two twin lascannons for more shots and S instead, or alternatively the rulles Balefire missiles if you save on points.

If running a list like this, construct the blob of 20 with 2 Iconbearers, one with each of the two icon styles. He already had his escape route well planned and committed to memory.

In Matched Play, Poxwalkers that exceed unit starting strength cost reinforcement points now. But despite this, the war turned against him and Arkos, until the World Eater champion Zhufor the Impaler led a bloody coup against Xaphan’s regime.

Daemon Prince

To this end he carries the Contagion spray, pouring forth a stream of foulness from a large tank upon his back. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. When jamon fighting outside subsided, Cardinal Xaphan was left as the sole ruler of Vraks.