POC Bible (Malayalam) – *v (updates): Added zoom controls on each screen to adjust font size. – ‘Move to sd card’ feature added. – Facebook Integration. The entire Official Malayalam Catholic Bible (known as POC Malayalam Bible) translated by KCBC (Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council) Bible Commission is. Download POC Bible (Malayalam) apk and all version history for Android. Grab the first of its kind – Malayalam Catholic Bible on Android!.

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Power thesaurus apps enable you to search and discover intense vocabulary words with an online thesaurus so you can enhance your writing. Institut de recherche et d’intervention en sciences humaines – “On 18 SeptemberGundert sent the German translation of his first Malayalam Bible tract, Genesisto Basle, but for a long time did not get a sanctioning malaywlam from there for printing it.

Chinese Bible Study is so much easier with a Chinese Bible! Make daily Bible reading part of your routine with Bible devotions, verses and inspirational daily Bible quotes and readings.

Bible translations into Malayalam

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Bible translations into Malayalam – Wikipedia

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At that time, Syriac was the liturgical language of Christians in Kerala. Bring the truth and beauty of the Bible into your life every day.

Luckily Gundert had it printed and Have you ever traveled abroad and didn’t understand someone? Sorry last update didn’t had that 1. It includes various appendices providing commentary about biblical characters and events. Best Language Apps with Image to Text Translation When learning a language, you should have every tool available at your disposal.

Compare the most reliable apps before traveling to learn new phrases and prevent getting lost in translation. Install Google Play App Store. Best 10 Language Translation Apps Turn your smartphone into a personal translator. The translator assumes that Tetragrammaton originally appeared in New Testament but was later replaced by Christian copyists with Lord Kyrios in Greek following the Jewish tradition evident in later copies of Septuagint.


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Buchanan, a missionary who visited Kerala in the early 19th century, persuaded church leaders to translate biblical manuscripts into Malayalam and guided local scholars. Find the most downloaded and bestselling Holy Bible online.

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POC Bible (Malayalam)

It is available online in various digital formats. Remove the confusion with these helpful translation apps!

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