Transplantation. Jul 27;66(2) Uricosuric effect of the angiotensin II receptor antagonist losartan in heart transplant recipients. Minghelli G(1). This agent promotes uric acid excretion via effects on the organic anion transport The AIIA losartan also produces a uricosuric effect in healthy volunteers. Uricosuric medications (drugs) are substances that increase the excretion of uric acid in the urine, thus reducing the concentration of uric acid in blood plasma. In general, this effect is achieved by action on the proximal tubule of the the uricosurics benzbromarone and losartan had no effect, suggesting these drugs act.

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Our objective was to investigate erfect possible relationship between previous or concurrent use of losartan or valsartan and gout in newly diagnosed patients. Thirty-two newly-diagnosed gout patients, whose blood pressure was controlled using losartan for at least 3 months were included.

Uricosuric – Wikipedia

All changes in clinical and biochemical parameters were reported. There were no significant changes in biochemical parameters such as liver enzymes, serum levels of creatinine, sodium and bicarbonate.

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Serum levels uricouric potassium and uric acid were elevated. Since these adverse effects did not disappear after changing back to losartan at the loosartan of stage III, we performed an additional 3-month follow-up stage.

The subjects required a period of 6 months to return to levels seen at the end of stage I. Losartan showed a slightly higher hypotensive effect than valsartan in patients newly diagnosed with gout.

It also resulted in lower uric acid levels.

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The effect of angiotensin II receptor blockers on hyperuricemia

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N Engl J Med ; How to cite this article: The hypotensive and uricosuric effect of valsartan compared to losartan in gout patients.

J Health Spec ;4: Kosartan to cite this URL: Changes in biochemical parameters at the end of each stage of the study Click here to view. Related articles Gout hypertension losartan uric acid valsartan. Sitemap What’s New Feedback Disclaimer.