LNB “skew” angle is the rotational position of an LNB on the dish arm. The actual “skew angle” is dependent on the satellite and on your. Learn the process of Skewing an LNBf correctly. You will need the correct LNB skew in order to receive the maximum signal for your satellite. Mount it all, including the LNB, and screw it on tightly, except the screws that You will need to find out the azimut, elevation and LNB polarization/skew values.

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Your question Get the answer. Anonymous August 11, Hi, I have a wavefrontier toroidal 90 dish.

How to install and point a satellite dish (DIY)

The instructions don’t address skew for the LNB, I guess most applications are intended for circular polarized ones for Direct or dish or evu. Well I am trying to get AMC4 see previous posts and can’t get more than 3 video and two radio channels no matter what.

I can get a huge number on T5. Played with skew of LNB and nothing seems better than straight up and down with respect to dish which is skewed itself.


Wrote email to wavefrontier and they siew I don’t need to skew the LNB.

Seems to me that the skew of the dish is not the same as the skew angle associated with the LNB, any ideas? Also, since there are two reflectors, if the LNB did have to be skewed, should it be a mirror image of the skew on a single reflector dish similar to the fact that you have to use inverted circularly polarized LNBs for direct ekew dish?

Skewing an LNBf correctly on any Satellite Dishyou are trying to Install

I’ll throw in another question. When I do a power scan on my fortec ultra lifetime, it gets more hits than the 5 channels I get. I assume the rest of these are scrambled or other signals? Also, the transponder frequencies don’t necessarily comply with what is stated on the Lyngsat site.

If I onb advanced scan and put in V and the symbol rate that Lyngsat says, I don’t get anything.

I try a few MHZ on either side of and vary the symbol rate also with no luck. Have a spare primestar dish, will try that next in case it is toroidal not being strong enough although Dish is very strong as is T5 and a few other Ku sats. Anonymous August 13, 1: If the dish is skewed, then the LNBs don’t need to be skewed.


Meaning of LNB Skew and What is LNB tweaking and how is it done

Imagine looking at a flagpole that’s stuck in the ground at 45 degrees. You can turn your head to line up with it, or you can turn your body, in which case you don’t need to turn your head separately.

I imagine that for your dish to be skewed correctly, the skew needs to be set according to the lnv that the center of the dish is pointed to. I could be wrong on this, though, so be sure to check with your installation instructions.

Anonymous August 13, 2: No skew is needed on LNBFs since your reflector is skewed already. Check your LNBF settings. Make sure you have the correct LO frequency!

Check this forum and post your inquiry there: