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What’s in the heart | Abdan Syakura

Abstract Abstract, Kebahagjaan he main problematic that caused the crisis of character in children is not making belief as basic philosophical in education. So, the implication of this is freedom of excessive euphoria.

The success of the child based only from the perspective of the child’s success in academic course. While kebahagiaan values of ethics, morals, and character less getting serious attention.


Therefore, even though the students excel in intelligence quotient IQbut in emotional quotient EQ they are in crisis of becoming alarming character.

In this context, the existence of kebahgaiaan character education is considered very important for the next generation as an integral part of their life and living.

The purpose of this study was to determine the thinking of Ibnu Qayyim al-Jawziyya about the concept of character education of children. The method of writing this research use library research library researchthe research done by collecting data and information by reading, studying and then analyze lebahagiaan relating to the theme, both primary primary sources and secondary secondary sources. Then analyzed using content analysis method content analysis in the form of descriptive-Analytic.

The results of the research in this dissertation shows that the concept of character education of children according to Ibnu Qayyim al-Jawziyya emphasis on the four major ways: The importance of introducing kids about the monotheistic God, 2. The need to teach children the principal teachings of religion, 3.


Teach and familiarize children on kwbahagiaan ethics and morals, 4. Praise and meaningful punishment.

References Al-Jauziyyah, Ibnu Qayyim, The Book of Character, Jakarta: The Idea of History, New York: Oxford University Press, Husaini, Adian, Gema Insani Mandzur, Ibnu, tt. Pendidikan Karakter Berbasis Hadits, Jakarta: RajaGrafindo Persada Tafsir, Ahmad, Ilmu Pendidikan Islami, Bandung: Insan Kamil Wiyono, Edy,