Find great deals for Sony Bravia KDLXBR4 46″ p HD LCD Internet TV. Shop with confidence on eBay!. KDLXBR4. 46″ Class BRAVIA® XBR® Series LCD TV (” Diagonally). Key Features. bit Full HD p Panel (x)5. Sony Corporation. LCD Digital Color TV. (1). KDLXBR4. KDLXBR4. KDLXBR4. KDLXBR5. KDLXBR5. KDLXBR5.

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Sony Bravia KDL-46XBR4 46″ 1080p HD LCD Internet TV

If your looking for something a litle cheaper with good quality, check out Sony’s S Series, it’s a great T. Despite this, curent models from both Panasonic plasma and Samsung LCD were also very attractive to 46xbf4. I will give the designers credit for their inspired placement of the Mute control right next to the Volume rocker button.

The Sony offers all the usual features of a fully equipped set, including multiple aspect 64xbr4, a code programmable multi-component remote, Parental Lock, and standard video adjustments.

S-Force Surround Sound Listen to realistic surround sound without rear speakers. My wife told me kfl throw it out, boy am I glad I didn’t. I bought a Toshiba. These posts maybe from people that got a lemon product that was damaged during shipping or somthing else.

You can work a many features with this long but slim device. The ,dl lights up blue when you punch the 46xbrr4 button. There 46xrb4 subtle changes beyond that point, but the image remained highly watchable as far off axis as anyone is likely to sit and still be able to comfortably view the picture. I have a patch in the left hand bottom corner that does not draw black very well. Additional Product Features Speaker Power.

And if you stray too far off the path, you can always hit the Reset button. Shinola Bookshelf Speaker Review. If it annoys you, then you should look for a TV like this one that plays at Hz. I found this Sony to be much more solid in handling the video vicissitudes of various channels. People who bought this also bought.


Shinola Bookshelf Speaker Review. Conclusion You won’t necessarily get the same results I did from the Sony by just plugging it in and turning it on. How could anyone ask for more? Jdl delivery men gave me all the time I needed to fullyinspect the TV. This is surrounded by an aluminum-trimmed clear glass frame, which gives the image a suspended-in-space look. The buttons are large, the labels are easy to read, and I always appreciate when some of the more arcane controls are hidden away.

Let me say, The first movie that my wife and I viewed was the renowned It’s well laid out, has a positive feel, and most of its important functions are adjacent to a central joystick. Wrapped in a silver frame, the protruding glass provides a distinctive profile. I am very disapponted. Holiday Sales Were the Strongest in Years. What Your Kids Need for Christmas. It’s a real improvement from past Sony sets, which often had me prematurely exiting the menu system. After numerous attempts to get Sony to own up that it was defective.

If you want to learn more about them, either now or later, go 4xbr4 “Controls and Settings,” 46xgr4 the end of this 46xhr4, just prior to the Measurements section.

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We’re here to see if it delivers the goods. Sony labels this feature Motionflow. Luckily it’s placed on the top row.

It’s spec’d for better black levels, a new, slick on-screen menu system, and Hz operation, a feature that can reduce image smear with moving images, which is one of the lingering problems of LCD display technology. Afterward, I opened Photoshop and loaded up a few photos. The whole process took less than ten minutes and as I said, the resulting picture quality is great.


I like the remote control. S-Video is served by a single input that shares space with one of the two back panel composite jacks.

Really nice and we would recommend this product to anyone who plays videogames, watches sports and likes there movies crystal clear. 46xbbr4 this field blank. After they stopped making plasmas they quickly became known as the leader in LCD screens. Many people think the Samsung 71 Series has deeper blacks, but I personally attribute that the fact that it has a semi-glossy screen, which gives the appearance of deeper blacks.

What Your Kids Need for Christmas. They allow 15 daysof in-home use ,dl you to find any problems.

Sony Bravia KDLXBR4 46″ p HD LCD Internet TV | eBay

This is surrounded by an aluminum-trimmed clear glass frame, which gives the image a suspended-in-space look. The inch conventional rear-projection XBR in the family room never disappoints or breaks down. Related Latest Reviews News.

466xbr4 expect miracles, but Sony has definitely made an effort to produce a respectable image from an SD source. What we did learn, is that any set with a highly reflective screen would not suit us. In the pan over the stadium, the yardage lines run horizontally across the screen, and as the camera moves up past them they flicker badly as well.

But the Sony is still a premium priced product in an increasingly competitive market.