JBL/UREI and Amps. I have never heard the above. Anyone have any experience with these amplifiers? If so what were your. Vintage JBL / UREI Electronics. Manuals · · · · · B Specifications. Power output: watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo), W into 8Ω (mono). Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz. Total harmonic distortion:

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What do you recommend to clean the inside of the amps?

Pictures and images JBL Urei – Audiofanzine

Originally Posted by DL Nice clean sinewave and no crossover distortion. Not exactly, got a pair of s for the HT set-up.

The problem becomes groundloops if mixing jvl and unbalanced lines. Jbl I have a pair of amps and currently use them to power four BassTech7 ServoDrive concert subs that weigh in at almost a half ton. The ‘s are a true watts per side with a 4 ohm load and sound great.


Very clean sounding, conservatively rated and reliable. Next I am buying a Hummer. Good product and on the second hand market good value for money.

They are big and heavy but if you have the rack space probably the best deal in old power amps. Experiment too maybe but that sure makes sense.

I hear that disease is called “Trigger Finger” Oldmics. This message comes from JBL Dog. This page was generated in 0. Results 16 to 30 of My Westlakes are 4-way.

Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. Jbo offset on channel A was 0 and channel B it was 0. Your Amp looks pristine. Great amps, my Amp was gone thru when I bought it and has performed well ever since. Quad sounds like too much work. Building a custom pair of ‘s and am shopping for new electronics.

I can click “Buy it Now” much faster than I can keep up in the shop. Let me throw this out for opinion’s: They’re pretty heavy at about 70 lbs.

JBL 6290 Factory Mods

Nice to hear from you Tom. I not putting down any one for their like or dislike of any brand of amp. Also, wouldn’t you be forced to go mono with quad? This message comes from JBL Dog. Hello Ken I am quad amping using cascaded actives works fine. The fans were anoying and they sucked a lot of power when turned on. The fan is a bit noisy but cools the heatsinks very well.


With a conventional PS they retain enough reserve power and won’t crap out if the AC line voltage gets a little weird. On the right channel the negative part urel the sine was was clipped and the positive part was OK. These amps seem to have a very solid build quality and are available at what seem to be very reasonable prices.