Formulary for a New Urbanism was composed by Ivan Chtcheglov under the pseudonym Gilles Ivain when he was 19 years old. It was an internal document. I intend to find out more of Ivan Chtcheglov — or Gilles Ivain, but these are my favourite bits from ‘Formulary for a New Urbanism’ from the. Formulary for a New Urbanism Guy Debord to Ivan Chtcheglov April Guy Debord to Ivan Chtcheglov, 30 April Guy Debord to Ivan Chtcheglov.

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Architectural complexes will be modifiable.

We are living under a permanent curfew. Parisian neighborhood frequented by the lettrists in the early s. Furthermore it applied the functionality associated with industrial design into a urbanosm that would dictate how the dancefloor operated.

Ivan Chtcheglov

And an Astrolarium which would group plant species in accordance with the relations they manifest with chtdheglov stellar rhythm, a planetary garden along the lines the astronomer Thomas wants to establish at Laaer Berg in Vienna. There was a certain charm in horses born from the sea or magical dwarves dressed in gold, but they are in no way adapted to the demands of modern life. We are bored in the city, we really have to strain to still discover mysteries on the sidewalk billboards, the latest state of humor and poetry: Reprinted in Internationale Situationniste 2 Paris, December All cities are geological.

The economic obstacles are only apparent. But this theoretical phase is already outdated. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Ivan Chtcheglov, “Formulary for a New Urbanism” | silka

De Chirico remains one of the most remarkable architectural precursors. The sudden change of ambiance in a street within the space of a few meters; the evident division of a city into zones of distinct psychic atmospheres; the path of least resistance that is automatically followed in aimless strolls and which has no relation to the physical contour of the terrain ; the appealing or repelling character of certain places — these phenomena all seem to be neglected.


A Le Corbusier model is the only image that arouses in me the idea of immediate suicide. A passage from one of those letters can be found here. It is a matter not only of plastic articulation and modulation expressing an ephemeral beauty, but of a modulation producing influences in accordance with the eternal spectrum of human desires and the progress in fulfilling them.

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A Journal of Urban Exploration which appears to have ceased publication sometime in collated and developed a number of post-avant-garde revolutionary psychogeographical themes. He was grappling with the problems of absences and presences in time and space. The Hotel of the Epoch. The chamber of love will be more distant from the center of the city: Their intentions remained completely as abstractions.

We propose to invent new, changeable decors.

September | | ART HAUS ~ Psychogeography

It would be the baroque stage of urbanism considered as a means of knowledge. These dated images retain a small catalyzing power, but it is almost impossible to use them in a symbolic urbanism without rejuvenating them by giving them a new meaning.

Couples will no longer pass formulaty nights in the home where they live and receive guests, which is nothing but a banal social custom. Past collectivities offered the masses an absolute truth and incontrovertible mythical exemplars.

In this way Ian Curtis became a voice for the disenfranchised who wondered post-industrial Manchester and beyond. Part of this development saw increasing use of ideas and terminology by some psychogeographers from Fortean and occult areas like earth mysteries, ley lines, and chaos magic, a course pioneered by Sinclair.


An abridged version appeared in Internationale Situationniste 1 Paris, Junea translation chtcgeglov which was included in the first urbanlsm of the Situationist International Anthology. The bold red and yellow colours usually synonymous with hazard in an industrial workplace came to express Factory Records as at once apart from the other discos and live venues in Manchester yet closer then any of them to the city itself.

Interior architecture of the Hacienda from a in the Architectural Review Vol. Philippe Pinel, benefactor of the insane, in the last evenings of iva. A chronological process based on the order of appearance of observed topics, with the time delayed inclusion of other relevant instances.

Kaufman, Vincent, Guy Debord: This new architecture created the new civilization the Situationists dreamed of.

Bureau of Public Secrets, Best, Alistair, Architectural Review: I briefly sketch the points of departure for a civilization:. Between the legs of the nwe walking ivn, the dadaists imagined a monkey wrench and the surrealists a crystal cup. University of Minnesota Press,p. Those who have the monetary capital are persuaded through advertising to buy themselves out of reality into a commercial fantasy that cloaks their vision of the real urban environment and thus prevents a real engagement with their urban context.

At a conference in Coscio de Arroscia, Italy inthe Lettrists joined the International Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus to set a proper definition for the idea announced by Gil J.