Code Parameter. Unit Type Min. Max. Def. New. St1 Set point 1. °C/°F. F c21 c St2 Set point 2. °C/°F. F c23 c 40 c0. Operating mode (ie heating. Accessories for IR33/DN33 Universal. Replacement table. 6. Programming instructions, parameters and alarm table. 7. • IR33W7 – 2 Cool circuits. • IR33E7H. The IR33 universal electronic controllers replace the IR3 range, offering additional features such as auto-tuning PID control and real time clock for managing.

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Too high temperatures may reduce the life of electronic devices, damage them and deform or melt the plastic parts. CAREL adopts a policy of continual development.

New software functions have also been introduced, such as speed-up, cut-off and forcing the output from digital input, which can be selected for each output. The Present Simple tense in English is used to express a repeated present action, a general situation, The reading of B2 has fallen below the threshold value P30 for a time greater than P Don’t have an account?

Go to Supplier website. Remember me Forgot password? Combined humidity and temperature probes.

Alternatively, a second control cycle can be activated with independent set point, differential and dedicated outputs. An operating cycle is defined by five time intervals in which the temperature must reach a certain set point.


DN33Z7HR20 – IR33 Universal 4 RELAY, 230V

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. In addition, the equipment can be returned to the distributor at the end of its working life when buying new equipment.

In the case of an alarm event, a counter starts and generates an alarm when reaching the minimum time P PID gain negative Calculation error: IR33 Universal air conditioning tech info 2pp 2.

Page 7 Programming instructions, parameters and alarm table Programming instructions p. The ECM serves both the temperature control as well as the sensor and power The same applies to the high temperature alarm E04with P26 instead of P Een hogere productiviteit en flexibiliteit.

CAREL bases the development of its products on decades of experience The controllers can be connected via a network to supervisory and telemaintenance systems.


DN33B9MR20 – IR33 Universal with Universal Inputs 1 RELAY and 1 AO (Vdc), 24Vac iACS

Download productblad – Carel Lurvink Door zijn tankvolume is de TASKI aquamat 20 de geschikte machine voor diepe reiniging van kleine tot middelgrote ruimten. The new IR33 Universal adds some new sophisticated functions ir33 as an autotuning PID, and management of the clock and time unicersal. The IR33 Universal is an air conditioning controller that is designed to improve upon and extend the IR32 Universal range. Consequently, CAREL reserves the right to make changes and improvements to any product described in this document without prior warning.



A simple and innovative panel mounting system makes installation easy, allowing the user to simply and quickly push the controller into the designated unit. Models The following table describes the models and the main characteristics.

Contact service Reset default values using the procedure described. In addition to observing any further warnings described in this manual, the following warnings must be heeded for all CAREL products: For existing IR32 users the main parameters have basically remained Also available is a DIN-rail mounting system.

To generate an alarm, the value measured by probe B1 must remain below the value of P25 or above the value of P26 for a time greater than P The IR33 Universal is an air conditioning controller that is designed to improve upon and extend the IR32 Universal range.

Inside you will find the wiring diagrams for the ir32 line, which can be matched