Icharger B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Icharger B User Manual. Read online or download PDF • Page 4 / 33 • ProgressiveRC B iCharger User Manual • ProgressiveRC Power suppliers. My iCharger B was one of the earliest released so it has firmware version where as current models are shipping with version

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Last edited by junsi; Mar 21, at Pressing “Inc” or “Dec” button will then cause you to move up and down it note the blue text indicating this. Battery interior resistance measurement. Images View all Images in thread Views: The second example assumes the last battery charged is identical and all of the parameters are correct mnual nothing needs changed.

There is table of error messages in the back of the user manual, but as often the case the error displayed on the screen and its description in the manual might mean little to the end user. Once you’ve got the data loaded into LogView you can save it manusl a file on your PC.

iCharger B Charger Review

Support upgrading the hardware program by USB port. The B is advertised to balance cells to within 10mV. Posting Quick Icharyer – Icahrger Wait. To help combat this spark and potential damage to connectors the B has a recommended order of making connections; it is: My compliments on the graphic design, more eye-catching than the plain blue of the original Chargery units.

See detail information about logview in the following website: For a novice this could be a dangerous combination, but an experienced power user may very well enjoy freedom from being dictated what constitutes “safe” by the manufacturer.

The front of the B circuit board. Notice that the charger balanced to within 5mV, within its advertised limit. If any individual cell appears over-charged or over-discharged or the pack is too hot or the process has gone on for too long, the iCharger will generate an alarm sound and the related information will blink.

If you’re the kind of person that likes to save all of the plots of each charge then this is an essential feature. Some require the balance tap to be connected while in others it is optional.


The B menus and manual layout echo many of the popular chargers so there is a good chance you may already be familiar with the layout and will quickly catch on. I have also included a few measurements from my Watt’s Up meter as a point of comparison.

I have three of the TP kind and am a big fan of them as they have the bulit in ability to connect balance taps in parallel and serial. Basically any cell combination of most any rechargeable chemistry with a termination voltage of 36 volts or less can be charged.

Sep 05, The charge current is very accurate, even beating out the Watt’s Up meter. Connect the power icharrger to the B and turn it on if applicable Connect the balance tap if applicable Connect the positive connector ixharger the battery to the charger then the negative lead you can do this with the banana plugs Perform charge or ichargsr operation Disconnect balance tap and main lead from the iharger then power down the charger Quick Start The B manual does not provide a “quick start” guide in the manual which often leaves new users asking the most basic question of how one goes about initiating a charge.

When you use other equipment to charge or discharge a Lithium pack, you can use the iCharger to monitor the per-cell voltages, battery temperature and process time.

The voltage range for cells are all shown and they can be scaled individually or as a icnarger. This can be very useful if you are trying to “zoom” in on an area of the graph.

The B and included accessories. Overall it works fairly well though and Ifharger always has the final say on everything, as you would expect.

I’d hate to support two languages in my software so I don’t begrudge the software authors, but make sure you know how to find the meaning of words like “Ja”, “Nein”, and “Abbrechen” as you won’t get very far into using LogView before encountering them. Output banana jacks, temperature probe jacks, and balance port. Firmware updates The manual includes a set of directions on updating the firmware on page 29 or page 28 in older versions of the manual.


Lithium packs of cells can be charged in balanced or unbalanced mode. If the balance tap is required to be connected then the balancer is active while in the other modes the balancer is not active and connecting the balance tap simply allows you to monitor cell voltages.

The other four columns are all part of the secondary menu level icharher you press “Inc” and “Dec” to move between. Once you’ve had a few moments to practice navigating it is really pretty simple to understand and get around. If you don’t care to plot your data then you may very well not use any software unless you decided to update the firmware manula get a new feature or bug fix such as the new regenerative discharge feature.

The B can also be set to limit the input current when using batteries or power supplies that cannot supply 25 amps. Pressing the “Enter” button causes you to move right again.

ProgressiveRC 208B iCharger User Manual

For this review I will be using version 3. The following lists are their main specifications: DC power input cables and USB connector. Some don’t like how easy it is to bump this button and accidentally terminate the charge, but from a safety standpoint it is refreshingly quick and easy.

Over all I rate the manual a “B” as all the information seems to be there and is fairly understandable, but it still has room for improvement. I am told some native English speakers have helped clean it up a bit and it does show as it is ichxrger lot better than some manuals I have read eg. My beloved Cellpro Multi4 charger beside the promising new iCharger B.

iCharger 208B Manuals

I actually like the specs on the iChargerB shown in that ichharger. Another reason they caught my eye was their thread on RCGroups where they listen to customer feedback and use the feedback to fix bugs and add features. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.