Narration of Abdullah’s life from the days of his ancestors up to the English rule in Malacca and the founding of Singapore. Hikayat Abdullah serves as one of the most important records of the . Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir Munsyi: A man of bananas and thorns. About the man himself, Munsyi (literally means teacher) Abdullah, Hikayat Abdullah was originally written in Jawi script and told of stories.

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Meitha rated it it was amazing Feb 15, Mak Munsyi Abdullah bagitau,bukan ayat saya Pada tahunsudah mahir dalam tiga bahasa: Siti Hilayat rated it liked it Apr 30, Hikayat Abdullah was the major literary work of Munshi Abdullah. So many quotable passages.

He was a famous Malacca -born munshi of Singapore [2] and died in Jeddaha part of the Ottoman Empire. Tidak ada orang yang benci akan perkara tersebut. Dengan ilmulah akan diperolehnya.

It was completed in [1] and first published in[13] making it one of the first Malay literary texts to be published commercially. Abdullah was known as an ardent critic of the Malay political system of Kerajaan “kingship”.


Abdullah Abdul Kadir

I enjoyed reading his lively accounts from the rumors that Saint Andrew’s Cathedral was haunted to his encounter with the Chinese secret society in the jungle. Thomsen dan orang-orang Inggeris lainnya. Tahunbelajar bahasa Inggeris daripada Rev.

Refresh and try again. Published by Pustaka Antara Sdn. Views Read Edit View history. Sejarah Melayu The Malay Annals. The most important book on Singaporean history most Singaporeans nikayat never get to read.

Hikayat Abdullah

His writing career took off after a missionary, Alfred North, encouraged him to write an autobiography after reading Abdullah’s account of a voyage along the east coast of Malaya. This page was absullah edited on 6 Octoberat Lain daripada itu, terserah kepada tuanlah. A History of Malaysia. Trivia About Hikayat Abdullah.

He became a scribe and copyist for Sir Stamford Rafflesfollowed by, inbecoming translator of the Gospels and other text for the London Missionary Society. He died of cholera shortly after his arrival in Mecca and before he could complete his pilgrimage, some time between May 8 and 18, Gonda AuthorB.


Sekarang,engkau belum tahu gunanya ilmu itu. Kelak,barulah engkau munsi ilmu itu absullah lebih manis daripada madu. All rights reserved, Hadijah Rahmat. It was completed in and first published in[1] making it one of the first Malay literary texts to be published commercially. The work is an inspiration for the hikzyat of Earthly Powersa novel by Anthony Burgess.

Malay Healing Practices October 16, Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Hikayat Abdullah – Wikipedia

I held my novel in the fingers of my imagination, flicking, reading: He became a functionary in the Straits Settlements next. And I daresay kunsyi is ahead of ours as well.

Munshi Abdullah followed his father’s career path as a translator and teacher of colonial officials in the Malay Archipelagomainly the British and the Dutch.