A to Z: Hernia, Umbilical. An umbilical hernia is a hernia that happens when part of the intestines bulges through the abdominal wall next to the belly button. An umbilical hernia is diagnosed during a physical exam. Sometimes imaging studies — such as an abdominal ultrasound or a CT scan — are. An umbilical hernia is a health condition where the abdominal wall behind the navel is damaged. It may cause the navel to bulge outwards—the bulge.

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Hernia, Umbilical – StatPearls – NCBI Bookshelf

All A to Z dictionary entries are regularly reviewed by KidsHealth medical experts. Safety and effectiveness of umbilical hernia repair in patients with cirrhosis. Mayo Clinic Marketplace Check out these best-sellers and special offers on books and newsletters from Mayo Clinic. An umbilical hernia occurs when the opening in the abdominal muscle that allows the umbilical cord to pass through fails to close completely. This will not affect the healing of the wound.

A new, large-scale genomic analysis suggests that having a genetic predisposition to type 2 diabetes may cause erectile dysfunction. The most common complications for both techniques are superficial wound infections, recurrence of the hernia [16] and some people experience pain from the surgical site. Umbilical Hernia with Evisceration. Pediatric abdominal wall defects. Most umbilical hernias in infants and children close spontaneously and rarely have complications of gastrointestinal -content incarcerations.

Umbilical hernias are common.

hernioreafia Barreto L, et al. Although some people claim a hernia can be fixed by taping a coin down over the bulge, this “fix” doesn’t help and germs may accumulate under the tape, causing infection. The defect in the muscles is defined and the edges of the muscles are brought together with sutures to close the defect. It may be surgically repaired fairly soon after it is discovered, since the intestine can become stuck in the inguinal canal.


Sign In First Time User? Keep in Mind In most instances, an umbilical hernia causes no pain or problems and usually closes up on its own by age 2. Sometimes this needs to be done by a doctor at the ICU.

Review Abdominal hernias in pregnancy. Children with umbilical hernias, Sierra Leone West Africa The umbilical cord connects a herniorrafla and her fetus while in the womb. In young children, umbilical hernias often heal without treatment. Redefinition of ‘Normal’ and Reevaluation of Indications for Repair”.

In adults, surgeons often use mesh to help strengthen the abdominal wall. Professionally-verified articles Daily or weekly updates Content custom-tailored to your needs Create an account. Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products.

The symptoms of a hernia may resemble other conditions or medical problems. Sometimes, the doctor may be able to push the lump back into the abdomen. Each fold is composed of somatic and splanchnic layers.

Register take the tour. An umbilical hernia is diagnosed during a physical exam. Your new baby’s umbilical cord stump requires some tender love and care. Here are instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser.

Sponge baths are suggested until three days have passed. Normally, the abdominal muscles converge and fuse at the umbilicus during the formation stage, however, in some cases, there remains a gap where the muscles do not close and through this gap the inner intestines come up and bulge under the skin, giving rise to an umbilical hernia.

Umbilical hernia

Your doctor may even be able to push the bulge back into the abdomen during a physical exam. Umbklical can prevent potential complications, especially if the hernia grows or starts to hurt. For adults, surgery is typically recommended to avoid possible complications, especially if the umbilical hernia gets bigger or becomes painful.


During the time between fifth and tenth weeks of gestation, the intestinal tract undergoes rapid growth with protrusion of the abdominal content outside the herniortafia cavity, usually within the proximal portion of the umbilical cord. The surgery is performed under anaesthesiawhile the surgeon identifies the edges of the defect and bring them together permanently using either suture or mesh.

Here are the symptoms and treatment options. A soft bulge is seen underneath the skin where the hernia has occurred.

The muscles are then stitched together. This can cause permanent tissue damage.

Umbilical hernia – Wikipedia

Pan Afr Med J. World Journal of Surgery. The surgical tape over the incision should fall off on its own. Pathophysiology During fetal development, the abdominal wall is formed by four separate embryologic folds: They are not normally painful, but if they become sore, a doctor should be consulted.

The operation is performed under a general anaesthetic. What Are the Symptoms? Symptoms that may be seen when this happens include the following:.

Around the time of birth, or shortly after, the opening should close. In general, the child needs to stay in the hospital for 1 day [11] and the healing is complete within 8 days. Can exercise lower blood pressure as effectively as drugs?

All references are available in the References tab. Although umbilical hernias are easily treatable, they can become a serious condition on rare occasions.