Indian J Physiol Pharmacol. Oct;45(4) In vivo hepatoprotective activity of active fraction from ethanolic extract of Eclipta alba leaves. Singh B(1). Request PDF on ResearchGate | Hepatoprotective activity of Eclipta alba Hassk. against paracetamol induced hepatocellular damage in mice | The effect of. The hepatoprotective activity of different extracts of whole plant Eclipta alba was investigated against CCl4 induced hepatic damage inmale albino rat.

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Vanukumar and Latha have also reported that when liver cell plasma membrene is damaged, a variety of enzymes normally located in the cytosol which are released in blood stream which causes hepatocellular changes. Hepatoprotective activity of Indian Phyllanthus.

A histopathological study of the liver further suggest the hepatoprotective efficacy of Eclipta alba extracts fig. Antihepatotoxic activity of eclipta alba, tephrosia purpurea and boerhaavia diffusa. They were given a week time to get acclimatized with the laboratory conditions.

The possible hepatoprotective activity of Eclipta alba whole plant extract against CCl4| Abstract

However, the dose adjustments may be necessary to optimize the similar hepatoprotective actvity in clinical settings. A new receipt for liver injury. All the group were given fresh food daily at Biomed Pharmacol J ;1 1. Hepatoprotective effects of Calotropis gigantea extract against carbon tetrachloride induced liver injury in rats. How to cite item. Cholesterol value came to be nearer to the control group of animals.


But it was noiticed that the recovery beginning as soon as the plant extract was given. Another gm of the powdered plant material was decocted in a ml of water. One way analysis of variance ANOVA followed by Scheffes test was applied for determinig the statistical significance of difference in enzymes, protein and lipids levels between different group.

Thus, it is quite clear that, total lipid, cholesterol and phospholipids were found to be increased against the control group Ist.

Hepatoprotective activity of Leptadenia reticulata stems against carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity in rats. Girish C, Pradhan SC. Protective effect of picroliv, active constituent of Picrorhiza kurrooa, against oxytetracycline induced hepatic damage.

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Total biochemical parameters was recorded in the present study. One-way Analysis of Variance was used for the statistical analysis of data.

J Complement Integr Med. February 12, Manuscript accepted on: Chandra T, Sadique J. Article Tools Print this article. Biochanin A activitg against acute carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity in rats. Email this article Login required.


Hepatoprotective activity of methanol extract of Amaranthus caudatus Linn. In vivo hepatoprotective activity of active fraction from ethanolic extract of Eclipta alba leaves. Recent advances in herbal medicine for treatment of liver diseases. Effects of silymarin nanoemulsion against carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatic damage. The protective effect of Eclipta alba on carbon tetrachloride-induced acute liver damage.

Treatment of Fclipta increases the level of total proteincholesterol in the liver.

Despite the tremendous scientific advancement in the field of gastroenterology over the recent years, there is not even a single effective allopathic medication available for eclipa treatment of liver disorders.

Evaluation of hepatoprotective activity of aqueous extracts of leaves of Basella alba in albino rats. The liver tissue was dissected by blotting of the blood washed in saline.