View and Download Glidecam Industries HD set up and operation manual online. HD Camcorder pdf manual download. Also for: Hd Buy Glidecam HD Stabilizer System featuring For Small Cameras, to 3 lb a general instructions, since the glidecam its different, and those came. Bidding on an original manual as pictured. Sold as is. | eBay!.

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I just saw your review over the glidecam, skyler minicam, and flycam.

But now that I think something like this would be a manial improvement. You might want to consider the HD or Pro at least. Hi emm, Nice video, could you please tell me at what shutter speed and what iso did you shoot, also how many frames per second?

I was surprised at an effect of Glidecam HD! It took me a couple hours to figure out how to balance it quickly, and a bunch more to figure out how to use it in the field. As you answered me before the HD version of the glidecam is way easier to balance, so its easy to create a ‘preset’ for two different lenses maybe write the number down and mount and balance very fast the times you gonna use it, right?!

We received our HD at the office today and have been having trouble balancing it.

Glidecam Industries HD-1000 Set Up And Operation Manual

Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. If I move it side to side, front to back really quickly, it also tends to stay pretty still for manuual most part. I was to stay as light and small as possible for travel but want to make sure i wouldny be over the limit. Free delivery in 4 days.


This was one of the main reasons I left the Steadicam Merlin since it couldn’t support these type of shots. If you extend the base further down, you can shift the center of balance making it more bottom heavy and possibly add-on a very small LED light or Sennheiser MKE microphone. Thanx again for the manuzl needed help.


It’s perfectly fine for DSLR use. If you have the cash, the Glidecam is the better buy. By saying “We will only make these kind of shots when use the Glidecam.

Glidecam Industries HD-1000 Manual

The stabilization comes from the Glidecam, the vest just helps carry the weight. I like merlin weight but I think is for less weight. Thanks a lot for all yr replies, can’t believe manal helpful you are. I’ve become pretty good at tweaking things pretty fast, but its never perfectly balanced.

Mine is 5D mark II with canon 2. I think you’ll have more luck if you stack more weight to your top. I liked the flycam but want the glide cam because of the easier balancing adjustments compared to the nano.

I know Skyler is small in size but how much weight can it hold. If you have to shoot for a long time, look into a vest system like the new one I posted about: Hi Emm, I’m planning to use a Canon 60d and Tokina Sarah – The Glidecam removable stage is great for breaking down and packing up, but if you want to move camera from Glidecam to manfrotto tripod quickly, then you will need that quick release.

All this to say that I had a real struggle at first trying to decide what we should buy. If you don’t plan on adding much more than that, the HD is more than capable.

It’s not loaded up so you can operate it by hand. Which one do you suggest me for quality wedding and “in hand”? Concerns would be- compact and lightweight and easy set-up. Once I put that on it never had a consistent balance while I felt the 50mm flew just fine.


I’m just trying to grasp a simple concept I h. I’ve tried many and i’m very satisfied with the quality, price point, and fast balance design of the Glidecam HD stabilizers.

Glidecam HD Hand-Held Video Stabilizer Manual Glide Cam Gimbal | eBay

Like maybe a slightly better zoom lens than the kit lens I have now. What’s the best way to remedy this? I use at least three lenses for video with my Canon 7D. I guess also you were shooting in 30 frames per second, am I right? I don’t suggest battery grip though But I’ve been trying to balance the 7D on my glidecam HD for a few weeks now.

Have one to sell? I’m trying my hand at wedding videography these days. I gave it 5 stars because I love it, and I actually think it’s been really fun learning to use it. Can you confirm that you used 4 counterweights per side? Not sure if I actually posted something here. If the unit is wobbling, then you are either too top heavy or bottom heavy.

Do you think that the weight would be alright? There’s no way the middle column can rotate if you have a finger on it. Masking movements are done with wider lenses so it appears to almost float or stand still.

One hand to carry, the other one to control the panning. It’s still behaving oddly, but adjusting for this seems to be reducing spin and wobble it still spins, but it doesn’t do s anymore! If you want to add more weights, you can use add a few things to the top of the camera.