Empire of the Ants has ratings and reviews. Adam said: What a strange book. It is essentially pages of ant fanfic, which is why it gets as. Bernard Werber’s Ants trilogy made him one of France’s most popular science fiction novelists in the 90s. Werber began studying journalism in in P. Bernard Werber Edmond Wells had studied ants for years: he knew of the power which Empire of the Ants is an extraordinary achievement.

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Quotes by Bernard Werber.


Hundreds of legs were busying themselves. Tout est epmire realiste and base sur la biologie, Werber ajoute seulment un peu de agence pour rendre l’histoire de les fourmis plus attrayante.

It was a revolutionary idea, and the ant armies had been quite surprised when they had to confront sisters of the same species fighting for the termites. Some way off, gunners seated on their abdomens were aiming and firing at bits of gravel five hundred emire away. The combatants often stuck their claws in each other’s eyes to get a grip and snapped their jaws on empty air. But an ant’s idea of the wind could serve equally well to describe what it’s like to read Bernard Werber’s entomological fantasy: Here is the stunning international bestseller in the tradition of Watership Down but with a dark, original twist.

Here a young female from the russet ant nation of Bel-o-kan learns that a strange new weapon has been killing off her comrades. You will also learn a lot about these tiny creatures and perhaps more than you want to know. Le Livre de Poche. Summer Reading 18 71 Jun 24, On the left, workers responsible for maintaining the temperature were piling up pieces of black wood to accumulate heat and fermented humus to produce it.


They used this lethargic phase to prepare for the coming effort, gathering their energies to secrete the cocoons that would transform them into nymphs.

Jonathan Wellsempore Retrieved October 8, Katharine Smith, reviewing the book for SF Sitewrote: Empire of the Ants La Saga des Fourmis, 1 4.

Feb 01, Jessica rated it it was ok Shelves: Want to Read saving…. Accept victory and nothing could withstand you. Like so much else in this brilliant and unsettling novel, we feel and understand a thing not by our own human lights, but rather through the multi-faceted eyes of an ant.

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L’Empire des anges Cycle des anges, 2 4. Unique, daring, and unforgettable, it tells the story of an ordinary family who accidentally threaten the security of a hidden civilization as intelligent as our own–a colony of ants determined to survive at any werher And, more frighteningly, what happens next — when our efforts have drawn the attention of the other species to us?

On the right were older eggs, further advanced in the long metamorphosis from egg to adult. No trivia or quizzes yet. Everything changed, the nervous system, respiratory and digestive apparatus, sense organs and shell. It is essentially pages of ant fanfic, which is why it gets as many stars as it does. Admittedly, the mercenaries spent all their time in their exercise area. Une science-fiction francaise, placee sur et sous terre.

Empire of the Ants

However, he attracts the attention of a secret group of ants within the same colony that appear to want to conceal this information. The solarium faced due south to catch the heat of the sun for as long as possible. Want to Read saving…. They listened werebr her carefully and believed her, and there were soon over thirty determined warriors in the group searching for the dwarves’ secret weapon.


De ces deux postulats ne peuvent surgir un enthousiasme ghe pour ce soit disant chez d’oeuvre. A nurse had dropped the cocoon she was carrying and fired at him. They usually held their grip, then suddenly struck another limb. About Bernard Werber Bernard Werber is a scientific journalist who has studied ants for fifteen years as an avocation.

Account Options Sign in. Lauriane Lamotte rated it it was ok Jan 30, The duels were quite realistic all the same.

Empire of the Ants (La Saga des Fourmis, #1) by Bernard Werber (2 star ratings)

His energy level was all wrong, the messages he emitted unconvincing. La Trilogie des Fourmis. A crowd formed around the charred body. Myriam rated it it was ok Apr 03, Hour 2 – March Read-a-Thon 14 49 Mar 21, Each of them tried to grab hold of the other’s thoracic joints.

L’histoire humains se sent plus irrealiste, meme. Bantam Books- Fiction – pages. Only one piece of advice was worth giving: The human story was vacant and uninteresting, ewrber much so, that I could not bring myself to finish the book. The aliens are wwrber here with us.