Ekra X4 Screen Printer. IBE SMT Inventory ID: Ekra Serial Number: X Vintage: Details. VAC 16A Under Stencil Cleaner. results Ekra X4 Ekra X4 Ekra X4 IBE SMT Inventory ID: Ekra Serial Number : Vintage: Details •Vacuum Tooling Click Here for. The X4-Prof features the exceptional. EKRA ease of use and flexibility which are unmat- ched. The X4-Prof can be used for the application of solder paste and.

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Configure a PCB strength of 1. Both elements together reach a total height of 88 mm. The sharp focus of the top-to-bottom pictures is assured by adjusting the kera of the table inspecting position. A Versatile Camera Cal The sideways guided squeegee traverse and the adjustable squeegee pressure ensure a constant, high quality print.

You are prompted to enter the password. The maximum print format is x mm Remove the two alignment pins and paste up the calibrating holes of the upper calibration ledge. Quick clamp adapter systems of various manufacturers can easily be integrated. The substrate is then manually aligned using ekrra resolution cameras for reliable recognition of fiducials or other layout features.

Simple operation, short conversion times all belong to the application oriented concept. X4 — Automatic Screen and Stencil Printer: Use the same light settings as in the camera menue Execute the function? Quick clamping adapter systems of various manufacturers can easily be integrated.

  ASTM D3951 PDF

EKRA X4 P Stencil Printer

X3 — Automatic Screen and Stencil Printer: The lower calibration ledge consists of the assembly block and kera calibration ledge. If the focus is not sufficiently precise, loosen the fastening screws of the camera slightly and move them horizontally until the focus has reached the optimum level of precision.

Due to these characteristics the XM is the ideal application for small batch series and for prototyping. It is a high speed, high performance printer with optimized triple transport system HSP. A flexible new techniq Use the alignment pins to peg the upper and lower calibration ledges. The XM is a manual screen and stencil printing system. Simple inspection programming using an automatic ekrs process for the pad positions.

Stiff as well as flexible materials such as PCBs, glass, ceramic era metal up to a thickness of 30 mm can be printed. It is an automatic, inline, entry-level printer. In order to provide maximum sharpness for the pictures looking up, the focus of the objective has been optimised before the camera was attached to the holder.

Use the two alignment pins to check the position. Instructions concerning the software version V 4.

EKRA X4 P Stencil Printer | allSMT Equipment Solutions

They are pegged through the calibration holes and mechanically identical congruent. Adjust the focus to the upper calibration fiducial by loosen the fastening screws of the camera slightly and move the camera horizontally until the focus has reached the optimum level of precision. The service menu is displayed. The machine is equipped with one CCD camera looking up and one looking down. Printing area up to x mm 20 x 20 inches.


For calibration purposes, use the calibration device with the order no. Select Calibration fiducial 1 If the camera is not already placed on the left calibration hole,move the camera to this hole by changing the X and Y coordinates or using the manual button.

Check whether both alignment pins easily fit into the calibration holes. Enter the two calibration holes as fiducials 1 and 2.

For a convenient substrate alignment, ekkra printer can optionally be equipped with the manual optical positioning system MOPS. The assembly block is fastened with screws to the table plate, after which the calibration ledge is screwed to the assembly block.

After you have finalised the configuration, make sure that the camera is exactly parallel to the table by using a ekga level. If necessary, repeat the procedure to align the upper calibration ledge until the alignment pin can be easily entered.