One of my favorite rhetorical theorists, Kenneth Burke has done wonders for communication. As I said earlier, one of Burke’s most noted theories is dramatism. Dramatism is a metaphor introduced by 20th-century rhetorician Kenneth Burke to describe his critical method. Dramatism. 1. Dramatism; 2. Introduced by rhetorician Kenneth Burke, made its way into the field of communication in the early ‘s.

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Contemporary Perspectives on Rhetoric. Each and every one of us has different temperaments, talents, and convictions, which persuade us to understand things slightly differently. Epistemology and ontology in Kenneth Burke’s dramatism. Sociometry, 21 1 His experience kennwth knowledge in the field birke communication makes him one of the most noted of his kind and his works and materials in all of his fields will remain as a mentor for all of us.

Homophily is the perceived similarity between speaker and listener.

Dramatism – Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Southern Journal of Communication, 61 1 As Kenny states, that the pentad can be used to examine sociology because, “sociology is predicated on the notion that human action is neither random nor mystical, and this sets up the initial condition necessary for an inquiry into the motivating principles that give rise to social order and disorder.


Communication Quarterly, 33 2 This is the person performing the act; the speaker him or herself. Dwight Macdonald and Ernest Van Den Haag views that popular kenneh “mass”- culture functions not bur,e Scene, as one might ordinarily expect, but as Agency.

The structure of social hierarchy considered in terms of the communication of superiority, inferiority and equality. David Ling used the pentad elements to evaluate Senator Edward Kennedy’s speech in to persuade the audiences to see him as a victim of his family curse instead of the one who should be responsible for an accident which caused death of a woman.

For example, the use of the people rather than the worker would more clearly tap into the lower middle-class values of the audience the movement was trying to reach.

The Social Coordination of. As Charles Kneupper comments on Burke’s work on this theory, that “i would concur that has been limitations in the application of dramatistic theory Language strategies are central to Burke’s dramatistic approach.

Kenneth Burke, Dramatism, the Pentad, and Identification: an Overview

Actions deal with the basic forms of thought. In this theory, our lives are as if on a stage, setting us individuals as actors on that stage as a way to understand human motives and relations.


A Comment on “Burke’s Act ” “. U of South Carolina P. It is also important when defining the scene to indicate when the act to took place.

Burke’s Five Elements of Dramatism

The agency is what the person used to perform kfnneth act and finally the purpose is why the act took place. Studies in Philosophy and Education. Theories of Human Communication: How social skills can enhance entrepreneurs’ success. To Execute Capital Punishment: Within the dramaturgical frame, people are rationalizing.

His most noted theory, in which I will be discussing throughout this paper, is that of dramatism. The act is a motivated and purposeful action.

In order for motives to be understood further, Burke presents what is knows as the Pentad. Current Research in Social Psychology, 6 8 But there are indeed a drqmatism of critiques on the work too.

A further analysis of Helen Koch’s data. Burke’s Perspective on Perspectives: Winterowd suggests writers should present ideas dramatistically,not relying on argument and demonstration alone but grounding their abstractions in the concreteness of what being called as representative anecdotes.