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This e of liability shall apply to any claim or cause whatsoever whether such claim or cause arises in contract, tort or otherwise. We hope you enjoy this McGraw-Hill eBook! Deestino Author and Preservationist Dr. Y, recuerde que, mientras Ud. Click here for terms of use. Como estudiante de nivel intermedio, Ud. No se preocupe si al principio no comprende todo el vocabulario. Esto es especialmente importante cuando se trata de memorizar partes y formas de las palabras que son importantes. Lea, escuche y hable una y otra vez: I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.

For years, the dream of prosperity and freedom has driven immigrants to the Ddl States. America is viewed as the land of opportunity and immigrants from all over the world have settled in the U.

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With hard work and determination immigrants hoped to escape the class boundaries of their home countries. The Industrial Revolution helped shape the American Dream by creating thousands of jobs. The development of descargqr business, desxargar Transcontinental Railroad, and the increase in oil production improved the American standard of living.


When people think of the American Dream they think of a successful and satisfying life. It is not a dream of motor cars and high wages merely, but a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they drstino innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are, regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position. Luckily for us, living in America—the land of opportunity, there are many dreams to choose from!

Certain traits and personalities are also connected with certain regions. Midwesterners are known for being honest, straightforward people of traditional values. Southerners are probably the most distinctive of all American regional groups, with more relaxed attitudes and traditional ways than their neighbors to the north. They are known for their hospitality. The Northeast is well known for its culture with excellent theaters and museums.

It is also regarded for its educational system with some of the most highly rated and respected universities in the country. This region is also known for its large mix of ethnic groups. Every time we speak, we say volumes about where we are from; the neutral tones of the Midwest, the rapid speech of New York City, the long drawl that characterizes the South. If you say a certain word or phrase, people will most likely be able to guess where you are from. The American cowboy has played an important part in American culture and history.

They started drifting to the West. Cowboys roamed and worked throughout the Wild West. It was a rugged country with few amenities and a lot of danger. The Western territories were appealing to the adventurous, and they were open and untamed.

Many of these men only owned what they could carry on horseback. Ranchers hired these hard-working men as ranch hands. The ranch hands tended to the herd and did work around the ranch. When the time came to sell the beef, the ranch hands would round up the herd from the open prairie and drive the cattle miles to market. While this is true in some cases, the average American cowboy was often lonely, lived in harsh conditions, and was frequently exposed to danger.

El dios del desierto (Wilbur Smith) [UB]

Despite this, the cowboys always kept their sense of humor and joked about everything. They did not make much money and enjoyed the simple way of life. Tough as nails, but generous and hospitable, these were the true Wild West American cowboys.

The cowboy was the embodiment of rugged independence. Many of these cowboys became legends in real life and later legends of the silver screen. Their horses did tricks and their guns were shiny. They became American heroes. The exact number of working cowboys is unknown. Cowboys are responsible for feeding the livestock, branding cattle and horses, and tending to injuries. In addition, cowboys repair fences, maintain ranch equipment, and perform other odd jobs around the ranch.


And last, but not least: The history of women in the west is not as well documented as that of men. However, in recent years companies have dedicated time and money to researching the cowgirl tradition. Museo Nacional y Sala de Fama de la Vaquera to document: Edad de Oro as time passed: New Orleans, Louisiana, is widely known as the birthplace of jazz. Jazz can make the listener feel happy or sad, mellow or energetic.

Jazz can sound loud or soft. Performers of jazz improvise and create music as they play. Jazz has its roots in the nineteenth century. They created blues music from the gospel music and sad songs of their years in slavery. Classic, traditional or Dixieland jazz came out of the music originating in New Orleans.

Desert God

Louis Armstrong became famous for his performances on the trumpet and for his unusual voice. People danced to swing music until after World War II. After World War II, swing jazz became less popular.

Bebop appeared to sound racing, nervous, and often fragmented. Nevertheless, bebop was an exciting and beautiful revolution in the art of jazz.

Cool jazz instruments sound softer than in bebop and the rhythm is more even. With cool jazz came many new listeners. People went to jazz clubs and bought jazz recordings. The introduction of the long-playing record also helped the music become more popular.

People throughout the world listened to the rock music of Elvis Presley and the Beatles. This new music cut into the popularity of jazz. This mainstream jazz wikbur sounds from swing, bebop and cool jazz. Marsalis is one of the most well known and praised jazz musicians. Today, jazz musicians play all types of music. Jazz can sound like swing or bebop.

It can sound like rock and roll. It can sound like De Western music. It can sound like the music of several nations and ethnic groups. Or, it can sound traditional.

The blues started in Mississippi after the Civil War. The blues passed down from generation to generation through an oral tradition much like storytelling. These musicians came out of the area known as the Mississippi Delta.

The cazxdor combined the styles of the past with a new type of song. The popularity of the blues marked a new era for music. The result was the creation of a style of music that would eventually contribute to the development of jazz. You can experience the blues live at festivals all around the U.

For a complete listing of legendary rhythm and blues festivals visit: