The Chevrolet Corvette (C6) is a sports car that was produced by Chevrolet division of General The Corvette’s manual transmission is fitted with Computer Aided Gear Shifting (CAGS), obligating the driver to shift from 1st directly to 4th when. Corvette C6 Corvette Owners Manuals From Mid America Motorworks . Hello, 2 weeks ago I bought a C6 (), my first corvette 😉 Now I’m looking or the service manuals as PDF, does anyone have them or knows.

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I’ve always thought that shifting manually was part of the sports car experience, but that’s me.

Corvette C6 (2008) review

Magnetic Selective Ride Control is also included on the car, with sensors to automatically adjust stiffness levels based on road conditions and vehicle movement. Originally Posted by FortMorganAl.

You buy the car, you should have the factory data to maintain it. Could it be that auto transmission corvftte the more popular and desirable model hence there are more of them on the used car market?

For general Corvette information, see Chevrolet Corvette. Send a private message to bonnell. Six-speed manual, rear-wheel drive Performance: But those two cars were back in the 60’s.

The car will be available in two colors: Retrieved June 24, Manual transmission is the best option for anybody who enjoys driving rather than posing, but it’s heavy and truck-like, despite recent improvements.

Corvette C6 () review | CAR Magazine

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Chevrolet Corvette C6. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Some drivers love to shift manually, others just want to leave it in one gear and let the car shift for them.


The company confirmed the existence of the project in an interview with Car and Driver on April There’s a lot that’s less than perfect about the Corvette, and yet there’s also a lot to like about it — and that big, loud V8 goes a long way to overcoming some of its faults.

But if you ‘only’ have the necessary 46 grand to buy one, carry on saving for thatotherwise you’ll have satisfied your hunger for a filet mignon by gorging on a Big Mac. Some believe that a Corvette is not a real sports car without a manual tranny, and that GM shouldn’t even offer the car with an auto. Chrome wheels and a body-colored spoiler pulled from the ZR1 join a “carbon pattern” engine cover, while inside a leather-wrapped ebony interior contains “GT1” embroidered on the seats, an instrument panel and a center console armrest.

And you really need a long stretch of empty road to enjoy it to the full. Send a private message to CSixDude.

A No, the reason is that most of folks that buy Vettes are older, and don’t want to be bothered shifting a manual transmission. R won again in the GTE-Am category. For the Z06 carbon edition was introduced, which carries over multiple parts from the ZR1 including carbon ceramic brakes, active suspension, and other carbon fiber aerodynamic pieces. GM badges were added to corvstte car in The heart of the C6.

Inferno Orange and an all-new Supersonic Blue. Blue denotes vehicles which are available exclusively to police departments.

The already gigantic ‘smallblock’ V8 has been stretched from cc to cc, with a corresponding hike in power from bhp to bhp. Send a private message to FelixAC. When folks stop paying for services, what typically happens is those services dry up and go away. Send a private message to lotus This couldn’t be anything other than an American car. I have an auto and for an auto its ok. Find More Posts by redzone.

  BGV A8 2010 PDF

Morgan AL is correct. Only cosmetics usually,so just look for what you need under a different year in the manual. But the biggest bit is under the hood, sorry, bonnet. Yes, you read that right too.

In MarchChevrolet announced that Z06 Carbon Limited Editions will be made available as a model beginning in Summer Thanked 3 Times in 3 Posts. The optional auto is clunky, unresponsive and easily confused. Originally Posted by LowRyter.

Retrieved from ” https: I have owned both A6 and MN6. Software, music, data, etc etc, yet these same folks still want to be able to have a job and provide for their own family.

The front fenders are constructed with carbon fiber and the rear fenders contain ducts to aid in cooling the rear brakes. Inthe Corvette C6. Find More Posts by Dave S. I have an A6 which I do track. Carbon fiber is used on the roof, hood, fenders, front splitter, and rocker moldings; the hood and fenders are painted over, while the roof and splitter are merely covered in a clear-coat, retaining their black color.

The GS or Grand Sport was equipped with the following enhancements:. So I’m sure you’re not surprised when I say The headrests have an embossed Centennial Edition logo and the steering wheel hub carries corvettd same “Louis Chevrolet ” graphic found on the car’s Corvwtte and wheel center caps.