CHOLESTEROL, MENSONGES ET PROPAGANDE, 2EME EDITION by DE LORGERIL MICHEL, , available at Book Depository with free. 20 sept. Non seulement le cholestérol n’est probablement pas cet ennemi universel de la santé cardiovasculaire, mais c’est même tout le contraire. Michel de Lorgeril, Cholestérol Mensonges et Propagande, Editions Thierry Souccar Michel de Lorgeril, Dites à votre médecin que le cholestérol est innocent.

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And lowering TSC to below would make a person very Ill. He waso, least mejsonge in bending to pick up an object from the floor standing on a chair, standing on his tip toes, sweeping the floor, walking on a ramp in a crowded area or on an often escalator without upper extremity assistance as well as on icy sidewalk.

Therefore, the alcohol in wine might be a factor in the French paradox. Contrary to current dogma, statins do not reduce mortality, and this book provides irrefutable proof of this.

Anticoagulant last cholestrol finally ditched this year. Statins, inflammation, and primary prevention: BTW, de Lorgeril has more on his website including replies to Dr.

The French paradox implies two important possibilities. And get personalized content, just for you!

He has minimal ankle edema. I spent a lot of time reading patient stories at askapatient. I took the Lipitor home and put it in my medicine cabinet. I was unbelievably tired.

It is of huge importance for propagand and patients to have access to reliable information on the risk of side effects of statins. Wish you all the best. But even if I never get any better than I am now, I can easily live with this, because I feel pretty well back to normal. In addition we have had an enormous struggle for 3 years with ACC our compulsory insurance company in New Zealand.



I saw another gp last week and she suggested that I stop taking Ramipril as that medication can cause breathlessness, cbolesterol heart beat and irregular heart beat which is what I cholesteroll been complaining about for a number of years now.

Hip extension is 4 on the right, 4- on the left. Between people with existing CVD and people at high risk of getting one? Mireille Guilianoauthor of the bestseller French Women Don’t Get Fat[28] agrees that the weight differences are not due to French smoking habits.

French paradox

After accumulating approximately 8 years of data on the diet and health of 49, post-menopausal American women, the researchers found that the balance of saturated versus unsaturated fats did not appear to affect heart disease risk, whereas the consumption of trans fat was associated with significantly increased eet of cardiovascular disease.

Dizziness when leaning over and standing back up. His lower extremities are hairless. In induced weight shifts he has increased hip strategies, but no stepping strategies. In my opinion they are ruining peoples lives and Statins need to be taken off the market.


My doctor had no suggestions for me as to how I could get better, so I just went along the best that I could. My cognition was very slow and contributed heavily as to why I could not work. I am in the position of having to tough out the muscle pain and stiffness my Cardio says is impossible and try to avoid a plaque rupture by continuing to take a statin or risk sudden death when an area of coronary vessel calcification 13 of them ruptures.

I was a 34 years old critical care RN of 12 years and had been on Lipitor 10mg for the previous 3 years, when I fell suddenly ill with severe headaches, intermittent confusion, and profound fatigue.

Straight leg raise is 45 degrees bilaterally. However, the difference between U. He is a very outspoken and brave man and if you google his name you will see that he is the head of the Nordic Cochrane Center in Copenhagen.

Or maybe it is something else entirely.

I will never, ever knowingly touch another statin possible exception — if I ever suffer an MI, then maybe, but only maybe, I would consider taking a statin, but only for a very short period.

Wines, particularly red wines, are a source of low levels of resveratrol.