William R. Catton, Jr., is professor of sociology at Washington State University and author of From Animistic to Naturalistic Sociology and more than seventy-five . William R. Catton Jnr. explained humanity’s overshoot situation in his book. Overshoot, The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change”. The front page. Overshoot has ratings and 30 reviews. Adam said: I’ve been Title: Overshoot Binding: Paperback Author: Catton, William R., JR. Publisher: Combined.

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As the rate of oil extraction declines in the coming decades, there will be many growling tummies. Read more Read less. When the resources become scarce or run out, there will not be enough catotn to support the current Earth’s population, especially at the current standards of living. But these luxuries were provided by a system that has been surviving for years on an exponential drawdown of nonrenewable resources.

William Catton: Overshoot and Bottleneck

More population cycles are described. When I met and chatted with him for the overshoot and only time inhe was mildly jocular in the same way that his writing is, and he was upbeat in his attitude toward daily life, however disturbing the future may seem. Yes, technology will help increase carrying capacity, but is it rational to believe that it will continue to do so indefnitely?

Fundamentalism is interpreted as a result of antagonism due to population pressure. Our only choice is to live modestly – who wants to hear that? In addition, he has authored numerous scholarly articles, book chapters and book reviews. But, as if we were driving a car that has become stuck on a muddy road, we feel an urge to bear down harder than caton on the accelerator and to spin our wheels vigorously in an effort to power ourselves out of the quagmire.

Environmental change leads to succession; it can threaten human life. I re-read it in to refresh myself, and I think I got even more out of it the second time. Overshoot is a sober, no-nonsense, presentation of ecological facts about the human condition and civilization.


This greatly expanded the carrying capacity of the Americas for humans. To cattton the tone for his work and catto era oveershoot intellectual conflicts in which it was published, one of his observations is that, “Monumental social changes and troubles in the 21st century will be misunderstood and thus worsened, I believe insofar as people Catton argues that the history of the 20th century can be characterized ecologically as a pattern of mutual interference, an “elbowing and counter-elbowing” between groups for access to necessarily limited resources.

He published those words inand now, it seems, at least some of those facts have made their way into the headlines in the form of climate change, soil erosion, fisheries collapse, species extinction, constrained supplies of energy and other critical resources, and myriad other cagton that are now all too obvious.

The cost of overshoot is die-off, an unpleasant return to carrying capacity. As of this morning, 69, page views. Lists with This Book. Sep 07, Mark Spyker rated it it was amazing. Catton died on January 5, Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. And it’s tension over limited resources that presages collapse.

William Catton: Overshoot and Bottleneck

Greetings Michael and Connie! He suggest, however, that if we understand how we have painted ourselves into cattob ecological corner and adopt an ecological paradigm for sorting out human problems, then we might be able to lessen the severity of the impending collapse and deal with the collapse in a humane way, i.

The Depression is interpreted as a failure in trade.

As the millennia passed, we learned how to increase carrying capacity by adopting ever-more-clever technology, like spears, bows and arrows, and fire — better tools, more food. Return to Book Page.

I agree with most, but not all of the arguments put forward, and I think that for at least a while, I’ll probably interpret all sorts of human conflict as people or populations bumping into each other ultimately because of population pressure. The truths that are revealed will change how you view overshoott world and how far from sustainable we really are.


Jim gave me a book called Overshoot the last time he was in town wandering around the hills. On the way up, we hit one billion a bit before Jul 23, Katja Vartiainen rated it really liked it Shelves: Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

William R. Catton Jr.

It has a long history of spurring population growth, bloody conflict, and permanent damage to ecosystems. Terms commonly used today like ecological footprint have yet to be coined, instead Catton uses words like ‘ghost acreage’ and ‘phantom carrying capacity’ to drive home similar ideas cattkn our collective folly in drawing upon the savings of the Earth in the form of fossil fuels. The author suggests people adopting a lower standard of living. Homo sapiens set about becoming Homo colossus without wondering if the transformation would have to be quite temporary.

Restoring a garden is interpreted as an example of fighting against succession.

I am urging people I know to read Overshoot. But, even today, few people see the world as Catton did. Facing the Future Wisely Yes, technology will help increase carrying capacity, but is it rational to believe that it will continue to do so indefnitely? This was before oil, mechanized farming, farm chemicals, and the Green Revolution.

Now I’ve read Overshoot and I have a horrible sinking feeling Patrick Renau manages a ski resort in Washington. It ovfrshoot still injected into the brains of every student, numbing the lobes related to enlightened self-restraint, often permanently.

I hereby give you official permission to add a link to my Overshoot review. Ecological antagonism begets social and emotional antagonism.