The third module in the Competition series was The Lost Island of Castanamir, a page adventure by Ken Rolston for 5 to 8 characters of. The Lost Island of Castanamir By Ken Rolston TSR. This review is of a PDF Copy of this product. This review contains spoilers. I decided. AD&D C3 Level Adventure – The Lost Island of Castanamir – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Castanamir.

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The Lost Island dates from his very early days in the industry, and is his first published work for TSR. Castanamir was an 18 th level magic-user, and his dwelling-place is being explored by a group of apprentice adventurers? Review – C3 Lost Island of Castanamir.

Musings from the Moathouse: Review – C3 Lost Island of Castanamir

Shattered Lands Dark Oof A sage has hired you to investigate an island that mysteriously surfaced. You can go back through a same door and it will take you to somewhere completely different. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. There are a few oddities, clearly added to challenge or merely delay a tournament group who are playing to a time limit.

A theme I see crop up time and time again on RPG forums is one lkst what subjects are, and are not, acceptable in ‘modern’ gaming grou Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I looked up the original mod and compared it to this one. Views Read Edit View history. These survivors are likewise trapped within the labyrinth and are either eking out a miserable existence there or else desperately searching for a means of escape.

Unfortunately, they get shipwrecked on the island and lose most of their supplies. One thing worth mentioning is the entire adventure, despite being in a page book, feels quite short.


I would have far rather seen this as a higher-level adventure where the players could properly grapple with some of the ideas displayed here. Yes, a small white dog. As you approach, a breeze builds to a storm, and your once steady ship warps and breaks.

Living in a closet are a pair of Leprechauns. Hoard of the Dragon Queen, session 8. Tales of Arterra – The Lost. Most of them were aimed at the adventuring ‘sweet spot’, mid level characters that islan somewhat more robust, and which therefore had more abilities at the players’ disposal. However, many of the greatest TSR modules began life as tournament adventures, proving that it was very much possible to create a good adventure within the confines of the tournament criteria.

As this module introduces an “interesting class of creatures”, it could also have major long-term consequences for a campaign.

The Cave of Songs. C3 – The Lost Island of Castanamir. Probably fine, given what I know of DCC not that much, really! In this scenario, the adventurers pass through magical portals into a series of interlinked chambers.

His island also vanished, but a few years ago it appeared again and a local wizard castaanmir hired the party to investigate and loot the place. There are two pages devoted to these creatures, and their use in the adventure is underwhelming. Hmmmm, ok, maybe this one is going to be a little strange?

As part of the C ompetition -series of modules The Lost Island of Castanamir contains material first used as a tournament adventure. A lot of the challenges are just frustrating for the players, based on logic that is opaque to them. Submitted by Migrate Wizard on Bloodright – The Blood Royal. Each encounter area is linked by a series of teleport portals which is cxstanamir to be frustrating initially, as ‘returning the way you came in’ is no simple matter.

The Exile – IceBlink. Retrieved from ” https: Ultimately, the biggest problem with the adventure comes down to a mismatch of expectations. Dark Sun Dark Sun: Perhaps it was the intent of the module, but exits transition you to any place at random. This page was last edited on 20 Januaryat There are a total of 18 encounter areas split over 2 levels, the intention being that the first tournament session comprises the first 9 rooms on the lower level, and the second session starts when they have found the upper level, and are trying to locate the exit.


The adventure is intended for five to eight characters of level There, they discover 18 rooms linked by secret passages and magical portals. At first glance, The Lost Island of Castanamir looks rather impressive. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: The characters are encouraged by a young scholarly mage to voyage into the Sea of Pastures, to explore a mysterious island connected with a number of recent shipwrecks and disappearances.

C3 – The Lost Island of Castanamir

Create new account Request new password. The Keep of Shadowfell and Thunderspire Labrynth. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: The cover art is a full page image depicting a vastanamir and terrifying creature seemingly emerging from a pool as the party nervously clutch their weapons, but what’s that at the bottom?

Failing to be Critical? Neverwinter Raids – Kobold Cave 1. Also within the building are a number of extraplanar creatures, collectively known as gingwatzim, who can shift between various lsland When you add the contents of the rooms, which tend to the unusual and bizarre, you have the makings of casranamir inventive and enjoyable adventure.

The interior artwork is really good, as Jeff Easley provided a number of smaller and larger works to illustrate the adventure.