the Zenza Bronica GS-1 single lens reflex camera and converts the GS-1 into a TTL (thru-the-lens) aperture-priority automatic exposure (AE) camera, powered. View and Download Zenza Bronica GS-1 owner’s manual online. GS-1 Digital Camera pdf manual download. Although instructions following are based on the GS-1 camera main body, the the Zenza Bronica GS-1, may we suggest that you read this instruction manual.

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Then after I wind again, and try to fire the shutter, the shutter opens, but it doesnt close. Repeat if it’s still not working correctly.

Zenza Bronica GS-1 Owner’s Manual

Now heres the problem. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. For example, if the 80mm lens is focused at a distance of 3m 10ft.

Frame Size Film To detach, simply depress the finder release button, while at the same time, sliding the finder backwards where it can then be taken off by lifting. Take the back off, engage multiple-exposure mode, and dry-fire the camera a few times just to check that everything else works.

But here, it seems you have gone through bbronica possible mistakes, so it must be the body.


Thanks everyone for your help. The film back frame completely encloses the film insert and shields it from outside light, as well as connecting it to the camera main body and also coupling with any finder having a built-in exposure meter. Then, gently lower the finder and, when well seated, slide forward until it locks. Therefore, first, rotate the film-winding crank and cock the lens shutter.

The back cover will automatically close and lock. The numbers on the shutter speed scale are divided into red and white colors. Utilize film back interchangeability and expose the frame after removing the film back from the main body. It is looking though that it’s repair time. To make multiple exposures, rotate the film-winding crank to advance the film and cock the shutter. Be sure to use and store the battery correctly for obtaining optimum performance from it at all times.


When the starting point, or arrow-mark appears, align it with the triangular start-mark on the right-top side of the film holder. This page was last modified on 4 Novemberat I have tried the “Oven trick” which seems to confirm the sticky shutter being the problem.

Then, press the lower end of the film back against the main body until it locks securely. Now it won’t even work sporatically. Simply rotate the film-winding crank on the main camera body. To attach the lens broniva the main body, align the orange dot on the main camera body and the red dot on the lens, and then insert the lens fully into its mount.

But, if winding is possible, rotating the film winding crank until it stops will automatically take care of the incomplete action, whether it is an uncocked shutter or the film has not advanced. Shutter will be released, or 2. Upon completing the multiple-exposed picture, be sure to return the multiple exposure lever back to its vertical position and cover the red mark.

The mirror lock-up switch lever has 3 settings: Even using my cable release doesn’t work. Construction of Film Back A. A Zenza Bronica Electro-Magnet Cable Release is available for this purpose, although it is also possible to use any cable release with a 2. When detaching the flash cord, grip the plug firmly and pull it manuql straight, instead of using a twisting action.

This feature is very convenient for familiarizing yourself hs-1 the camera and for testing the shutter in flash photography. The lens was just in need of some therapy. When the starting point, or arrow mark, is aligned with the triangular start-mark on the top left side of the film insert, stop rotation. Also, remember to flip-up the magnifier for critical focusing in careful composition work. When S is set to the mahual, with the mirror lock-up switch lever, the lever will automatically return to N, with the next film advance and shutter cocking action.


It is a completely modular camera, brpnica several optional focusing prisms and viewfinders with and without exposure meteringlenses, and film backs. MF Finder S Waist-level type finder with eyepiece adjustment ring and large rubber eyecup, for use in careful composition work.

A battery holder inside the battery chamber will spring up when the battery chamber cover is opened fully. In other words, the electrical circuit is switched so that the batteries gs1- the motor drive operate the main camera body. When I bought the camera 2 days ago. Then, gently lower the finder and, when well seated, slide forward until it locks.

And, the motor drive has a remote control socket for wired remote control operations with an optional Remote Control Cord SQ-I, as well as wireless remote gs1- operations with suitable equipment, which are available in photographic shops. Protect your camera from impact and vibrations, too. Interchanging Focusing Screens A. After the 10th exposure of the roll film 20th exposure of the roll filmcontinue rotating the film-winding crank and the film will only be advanced until the remaining film and leader paper are wound up on the take-up spool.