Berdasarkan tingkat kadar air di dalam benih terdapat dua tipe benih yakni benih ortodoks dan benih rekalsitran. Benih ortodoks adalah benih yang dapat. 10% nampaknya terlalu tinggi bagi penyimpanan biji benih Jatropha di mengesahkan bahawa kelakuan penyimpanan biji benih J. curcas adalah ortodoks. The hypothesis whether papaya seed is recalsitrant or ortohodox still has been the subject of some controversy. Ortodox seed remain viable.

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of different Physiological maturity end of the seed-filling phase occurred 61 days after flowering in the first year and 58 days after flowering in the second year. Fresh seeds produced Germination requirements of L. The experiment was set according to a completely random design with four repetitions. Structural damage affected germination depending on its extent and localisation. Vigor adalah kekuatan atau kemampuan benih untuk berkecambah, sedangkan viabilitas adalah daya kecambah benih untuk berkecambah normal di lingkungan yang kurang mendukung.

First, the appropriate dosage for conditioning was determined by using a completely randomized experimental design, with four replications per cultivar. The genus Brassica involves a considerable number of Prior to priming, the seeds hydration curves were determining. The treatments consisted of: The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of priming and growth regulators on beet seed germination.

Alternaria alternata, Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus fumigatus, Aspergillus niger, Fusarium chlamydosporum and Penicillium glabrum as well as fresh seeds were used for the extraction of Jatropha oil. Whenever the results were significant by variance analysis, regression analysis was performed.


Germination is the most critical period for a crop subjected to salinity. Seed quality factor cultivar means were compared by the Tukey’s test whereas for those of the quantitative factor salinity levels regression equations were adjusted.

Click here to sign up. Pengujian benih terdiri atas 3 analisa, yaitu analisa mutu fisik meliputi kadar air dan kemurnian benihanalisa mutu fisiologis meliputi daya perkecambahan dan lrtodoksserta analisa mutu kesehatan meliputi ukuran, kesehatan, dan keseragaman benih.

Pada komoditas tomat dengan perlakuan basah fermentasi diperoleh rata-rata 0, sedangkan pada komoditas melon memiliki rata-rata 0, The present study also revealed that oil content of Jatropha curcas L.

Skip to prtodoks content. Tujuannya yaitu menjaga dan meningkatkan kemurnian benih.

Seed physiology Research Papers –

Physiological maturity end of the seed-filling phase occurred 61 days after Pengujian benih dapat ortodoos setelah sortasi. An increasing internal seed cavity area did not necessarily result in a reduction in germination capacity.

Berdasarkan tabel 1 hasil pengamatan ekstraksi benih pada komoditas tomat dan melon enunjukan bahwa pada komoditas tomat dengan perlakuan basah kimia diperoleh nilai rata-rata 0, Beet seed priming alters the potential of germination orgodoks is influenced by the cultivar and conditioning technique.

This marker can be used to test the purity of hybrids as an effective substitute to the time consuming and laborious grow-out test GOT.

Remember me on this computer. Results also indicated that, all salinity stress levels while compared with control treatment ppm recorded the lowest values of all previous studied traits and the lowest values were obtained by NaCl level ppm.


Benih rekalsitran yaitu benih yang tidak dapat disimpan dalam waktu lama, tidak tahan atau mati jika disimpan pada suhu dingin, dan tidak tahan disimpan bila kadar airnya diturunkan sampai di bawah kadar air kritis.

Help Center Find new research papers in: Giza and Giza recorded the lowest values under all NaCl concentration levels. The objective of the present study is to quantify the Jatropha oil after fungal infestation during storage. This automated method can also be adopted by food industries for large scale extraction of chilli seed, as well. Hence, it is necessary to eliminate laborious work and time consumption. Tb was estimated as 5. The present study validated the application of a linked marker for identifying the restorers in segregating populations, which can accelerate breeding of restorer lines and thus, enhance efficiency of hybrid breeding in Brassica juncea.

Kegiatan sortasi umumnya dilanjutkan dengan kegiatan grading, yaitu pengkelasan atau penggolongan benih berdasarkan kualitasnya.

Seed physiology

Benih yang baik dapat diperoleh dengan melakukan sortasi dan uji fisiologis benih yang terdiri dari uji vigor dan viabilitas. Salinity in soil or in water is one of major stresses and can severely limit crop production. Free space between the embryo and endosperm of each seed as well as the internal seed cavity occupied by the endosperm and embryo were measured.