The linear wear test, ASTM G, reproduces the linear reciprocating motion found in many real-world tribology mechanisms. ASTM G – Designation: G – 02 Standard Test Method for Linearly Reciprocating Ball-on-Fla. ASTM G – – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ASTM G –

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Information shall be sufficient to establish their source, chemical composition, processing history, surface treatment, 5 5 Whitenton, E. The values given in parentheses are for information only. See Test Methods E and E These numerical values for repeatability and reproducibility do not necessarily represent those quantities which would be obtained if other material combinations were tested 6 where: Precision and Bias Nominal friction coefficient values were obtained from chart recordings of the root-mean-square friction force.

As is often the case for wear tests, the within-laboratory repeatability is better than the between-laboratory reproducibility. The ball wear volume was not reported because the scars on the balls were not?

Another critical automotive test is for friction and wear at the piston ring and cylinder interface. To compute the sliding distance in metres or number of cycles, use the following: A statement such as the following may then be used: These specimens move relative to one another in a linear, back and forth sliding motion, under a prescribed set of conditions.


Universal Mechanical Testers for Tribology Testing in the Automotive Industry

Warning—Due to inertial effects, differences in the loading and? Friction coefficient is accurately measured during the test by the deflection of, asmt easy and quick to calibrate, load cell.

In a polished condition, the surface should be as free as possible from preparation artifacts such as grinding-induced cracks, gross grinding marks, and grain pull-out.

Also, report any unusual astn behavior, as indicated in The direction of the relative motion between sliding surfaces reverses in a periodic fashion such that the sliding occurs back and forth and in a straight line.

The wear resulting from this mode of movement may differ from that experienced by the same materials sliding continuously in only one direction unidirectional sliding even for comparable durations of contact. Testing on days with similar humidity readings is a less-desirable alternative. Multiple sensors, automated test procedures, modularity, easy interchangeability of test setups, and data analyzing capability make the tribometer a key instrument for the automotive industry.

ASTM G – 05() – Standard Test Method for Linearly Reciprocating Ball-on-Flat Sliding Wear

Warning—It is not recommended that continuous wear depth data obtained from position-sensing gages be used because of the possible complications arising from entrapped debris, thermal expansion due to frictional heating, hydrodynamic lift, and tribochemical?

A calibrated ocular or a photomicrograph of known magni? In this test method, wear is reported only as the total volume lost after a set period of sliding. If a cycle-counter is available, this may be used instead of the timer, in which case Eq 2 will be used.

  AS NZS 3551 PDF

Universal Mechanical Testers for Tribology Testing in the Automotive Industry – Tech Briefs

G — 02 and root-mean-square surface roughness. Surface roughnesses of 0. For unlubricated tests, a concentrated jet of air may be used to dispel the debris from the asstm area of the specimens.

A spread sheet computer software package designed for Guide G was used to process test data on steady-state friction coefficient and the computed wear volumes? If a lubricant is used, provide its commercial name or other description, and any other properties needed to identify the source and traceability of the lubricant.

Any ball movement within the holder during the test invalidates the test results. Originally approved in Stepper-type motors may also be used provided that the motion is smooth and uniform. Piston ring segment holder Comprehensive tribology testing plays an important role in automotive applications.

RFG Petro Systems

The friction coefficient data and? If the calculated contact b133 exceeds the hardness of either material, there will be permanent plastic deformation and elastic conditions do not apply.

The scope of this test method does not include testing in corrosive or chemically aggressive environments.