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Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. This test method is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D02 on . D − 12b MPMS Chapter kg/L or g/mL) are still in use Discussion—Common. Buy ASTM Db() Standard Test Method for Density, Relative Density, or API Gravity of Crude Petroleum and Liquid Petroleum Products by.

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ASTM D – ASTM D bnm. D — 12b Designation: A number in paren parenthese thesess indicates the year of last reappr reapproval. The valu values es giv given en in par parent enthes heses es are pro provid vided ed for information only. Readings are measured on a hydrometer at either the reference temperature or at another convenient temperature, and readings are corrected for the meniscus effect, the thermal glass expansion effect, alternate calibration temperature effects and to the reference temperature by means of the Petroleum Measurement Tables; values obtained at other than the reference temperature being hydrometer readings and not density measurements.

Referenc Referenced ed Documents 2.

ASTM D b API – PDF Free Download

Current Curre nt editio edition n appro approved ved June 1, Publi Published shed October Origin Originally ally approved in Last previous edition approved in as D—12a. Both refer reference ence temper temperatures atures shall be explicitly explic itly stated. Summa Summary ry v1298 Test Method 4. The approp app ropria riate te hyd hydrom rometer eter and the thermo rmomete meter, r, als also o at a sim similar ilar temperature, are lowered into the test portion and allowed to settle.

Aft After er temp tempera eratur turee equ equilib ilibriu rium m has bee been n rea reache ched, d, the hydr hy drom omete eterr sc scale ale is re read ad, an and d th thee e1298 tempe pera ratu ture re of th thee te test st portion is taken. This meniscus cor correct rection ion is doc docume umente nted d and then subtracte subtracted d fro from m the valu va luee re repr pres esen ented ted by th thee Me Meni nisc scus us Rea Readi ding ng to yi yield eld th thee Hydrometer Hydro meter Readin Reading g corre corrected cted for the Menisc Meniscus us Hydr Hydrometer ometer Reading — Observed, Meniscus Corrected.

These values are 4 5.

Norma ASTM Db()

This procedure can also be used use d for viscous viscous liqu liquids ids by allo allowin wing g suf suffficie icient nt d2198 for the hydrometer to reach temperature equilibrium, and for opaque liquids by employing a suitable meniscus correction. Orde Orderr Adju Adjunct nct No.


Original adjunct produced in However, this property of petroleum is an uncertain indication of its quality unless correlated with other properties. They shall not become opaque under prolonged exposure to sunlight. In the absence of this facility, extreme care shall be taken to minimize these loss lo sses es, in inclu cludi ding ng th thee tr tran ansf sfer er of th thee sa samp mple le to a ch chill illed ed container contai ner immedia immediately tely after sampli sampling.

Sample Mixin Mixing g—M 7. Mixing of volatile crude petroleum or petroleum products containing water or sediments, or both bo th, or th thee he heat atin ing g of wa waxy xy vo volat latile ile cr crud udee pe petr trol oleu eum m or petroleum petro leum products may result in the loss of light components. The fol follow lowing ing sub subsec section tionss 7. Appar Apparatus atus Units Sc a l e 6 0.

Record the temperature of the sample to the nearest 0. Pro Procedu cedure re 9. For low vis viscos cosity ity tran transpa sparen rentt or tra transl nsluce ucent nt liq liquid uidss obs observ ervee the menisc men iscus us sha shape pe whe when n the hyd hydrom rometer eter is pre presse ssed d bel below ow the point of equilibrium about 1 to 2 mm and allowed to return to equilib equ ilibriu rium. If the men meniscu iscuss cha change nges, s, clea clean n the hyd hydrom rometer eter stem and repeat until the meniscus shape remains constant.

Ensure that the remainder remainder of the hydromet hydrometer er stem stem, whi which ch is abo above ve the liquid level, is not wetted as liquid on the stem affects the reading obtained. This reading readin g requi requires res a meniscu meniscuss corre correction. This correction can be determined by one of two methods: Since the same coefficients were used in compiling each set of tables, corrections made over the same temperature temper ature interv interval al minim minimize ize errors arising from possible dif differenc ferences es between betw een the coe coefffici icient ent of the mat materi erial al und under er tes testt and the sta standa ndard rd coefficients.


This effect becomes more important as temperatures diverge from the reference temperature. The precision of WAT for crude petroleum using this technique has not been determined.

ASTM D 1298-12b API

Warning— Warning—Do Do not siphon by mouth as it could result in ingestion of sample! Document this value as the Meniscus correction.

It will return API or R. Reco Record rd the tempera temp eratur turee of the test portion portion to the nearest nearest 0.

ASTM D1298 – 12b(2017)

If thi thiss temperature differs from the previous reading 9. If a stable temperature cannot be obtained, place the hydrometer cylinder in a constant ast, bath and repeat the procedure from 9.

Calc Calculati ulation on Calculate the hydrometer thermal glass expansion correc cor rectio tion n fac factor tor usi using ng the app approp ropria riate te equ equatio aatm n bel below ow t axtm observed temperature. Example Crude Oil 2 5. Crude Oil Observed Temperature: Convertt the densit densities ies d11298 calculated in Ste Step p 3 tha thatt Step 4a. Convert the calculated R. It is up to the user to determine whether this test method provides results of sufficient accuracy for the intended purpose.

These values do not apply to the current calculation procedures and it is up to the user to determine whether this test method provides results of sufficient accuracy for the intended purpose. Ho Howe weve verr, th ther eree sh shou ould ld be no bi bias as fr from om ab abso solu lute te measur mea sureme ements nts, if the cali calibra bratio tion n of the hyd hydrom rometer eter and the thermometer thermo meter is traceab traceable le to Inter Internation national al Standa Standards, rds, such as xstm by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Keyw Keywords ords Either comparison with a referenced temperature measurement system traceable to an international standard, or a determination of ice point, is suitable.

Permission Permission rights to photocopy the standa standard rd may also 21b secure secured d from the ASTM website www. Remember me Forgot password?

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