Anselme Bellegarrigue. by Max Nettlau (). Excerpted from Max Nettlau , A Short History of Anarchism, trans. Ida Pilat Isca, ed. Heiner M. Becker. A collection of quotes attributed to French anarchist Anselme Bellegarrigue. 12 results for Books: “Anselme Bellegarrigue” by Bellegarrigue, Anselme ; Petit, Ramón The Anarchist Manifesto by Anselme Bellegarrigue ().

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If it is called a profession to govern, then I demand to see the products of that profession, and if those products are not to my liking, then I proclaim that to force me to consume them is the oddest abuse of authority that one man can exercise on another. What I say is that, being in danger, we have already been handed over; because, in matters of public security, probabilities are certainties.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Here is the fortress by turns besieged, conquered, resieged, reconquered, and resieged again to be reconquered anew by the parties!

It is therefore shown that socialism is no more to be feared in itself than any other philosophical doctrine. This applies to U. If there are people who, shy or timid, take shelter in Fourier, if they lodge with M. Socialism, according to what it is possible to grasp from all its proposals, wants to make of society a huge hive into each pigeon-hole of which will be placed a citizen, who will be enjoined to remain silent and wait patiently, while alms are made of his own money.

The February revolution, like that ofonly became of benefit to a few men, because that revolution only abolished some proper names. According to legality, therefore, equity goes according to the judgment of the court and the public conscience is taken over by the conscience of statute book. The current state of the Church with its degenerate discipline and its neutrality in secular politics would make the audacious Hildebrand die of a fit of rage. In he founded the Association des Libres Penseurs in Meulan with some childhood friends, including Ulysse Pic who then called himself Pic Dugersin order to publish anarchist pamphlets; but the arrests of several members slowed and finally put an end to these activities.

Well, this could introduce a fundamental deception in public belief, since an able man, confronted with the law, finds himself with the same features as a man who is truly virtuous.

Not much is known about the childhood and young adulthood of Anselme Bellegarrigue.

That is the real France, that which is exploitable and exploited; the quarry of all these frantic republics, of all these parties who have the wealth of others for dream anselmw the laziness for idol. As powerful as that well-advised character of Arab proverbs who, without touching in any way the contents of a vase, believed that in changing the label, he changed the liqueur.

Belelgarrigue a period of time, the coming together of interests gives rise to a new institution, which, having arrived en bloc beforehand, would have surprised and injured everyone, but having arrived in a providential way has not hurt anyone and has satisfied all.


Thus, in regaining the liberty of transactions and the liberty of the territory, we have abolished, with its budget, the government of agriculture which was set up to keep the owner of the land, that is to say the one on whom rests the bellegareigue of the alimentation of the people, under the immediate dependence of the government of the king.

Anselme Bellegarrigue Quotes

Proudhon, if there are any who take refuge in Louis-Philippe, in Bonaparte, in Henri de Bellegarfigue, I declare for my part that I do not know how to live other than within myself and I do not propose to accept the renunciation of my identity. What is frightening about it is the noise of the chains.

The ultimate sectarians of intolerance, those that babble among us in that language — still unintelligible, alas! They were nothing but simple keepers of the seals affixed by the revolution on the governmental succession of the royals.

But it signifies as well, to be fair, that both sides would willingly accept the patriotic task of exploiting her, whether to their own ends and nominally or, in extremis, under an assumed name.

There are, in fact, socialists that I know, and then those that I do not know and that I shall never know, because socialism fragments, subdivides, diversifies bellebarrigue and separates into factions like everything that is not defined.

By the establishment of the French Second EmpireAnselme Bellegarrigue went back to America, in Honduraswhere, according to Max Nettlau, he was a professor, then in San Salvador where he is said to have participated in the government.

Who benefits from it? As if, in a democracy, usurpation could argue for the probity of the usurper! No one can put himself in the place of the people to pronounce condemnation or recognition of the excellence of a doctrine; since in that diversity of tastes and inclinations that anselmf society, there is no doctrine that is bad for all, nor is there one that is good for all.

Who thinks this is wrong? What are the conditions for this?

Auteur:Anselme Bellegarrigue

They reason from the point of view of the needs that their fortune has given them. This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat Public domain and Wikipedia: So, well, why should we seek the guardian spirit of a government outside this reservoir of the common aspirations of all? What an indecorous comedy! Thus, if we leave the idea and pass on to the fact, I imagine that the evolution would be sufficiently to the taste of everyone; though when I say everyone, I very seriously intend to exclude from my formula that polished class of citizens that reads Le Moniteur, that plodding congregation that condescends to spend its time dragging the budget by the tail and without which one would never really know what to make of public liberties, nor of the ecus of the Treasury.

Give the people spoliation as a rallying call and this rallying call will encase itself in the probity of numbers. Anselme Bellegarrigue came back to France on 21 Februarythe day before the events that would end the reign of Louis-Philippe I. The men of today, indeed quite different from those of times gone by, sense, though they understand nothing, that their being and their property are entirely separate from the administrative body. If it is true that the people who form a revolution do so in order to win their liberties, here are the liberties that we won on 24 February.


We have confidence in no one but ourselves. XVI The hypothesis of spoliation has been put forward. Well, it must be, by complete necessity, that either the government devours the country or that the country absorbs the government. It is to say that bellegarrigue is never more completely lost than when it is saved. If democracy is the nonexistence of ambition and crime, and at the same time a source of altruism and its virtues.

According to Sharif Gemie, this journal constitutes the very first anarchist manifesto in the world [5]. Thus, in regaining liberty of work and industry, we have abolished, with its budget, the government of public works which was set up to provide great benefit to friends of the government.

We have only seen emerge from within it men of political party, theoreticians, political casuists who have only practiced monarchy, administrative exclusivism, ruling governments; men who have only seen liberty through bellegarrivue jealous veil of royalism. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

Is bellegarrrigue not, moreover the case, by virtue of the same principle, that he who would come to dispossess me today, could himself be dispossessed tomorrow?

And I said that by adopting the reasoning of the skilled people who make use of the power with which society endows them for their own personal ends, it would lead me to a curious conclusion! To defend them is to exploit them! Instead of setting up the country, they have been busy setting themselves up in government; they have deduced consequence before having established principle; then, and without being able to escape the disastrous precedent they had just been establishing, they have only been occupied, as they could only be occupied, with the health and conservation of that government.

Catalan historian of individualist anarchism Xavier Diez reports that during his travels in the United States “he at least contacted Henry David Thoreau and, bellegarrigje Josiah Warren. Disperse the nails of the animal in the municipalities; keep them with care so that no one can reunite them in the body, and discord flees with its unique cause; there will be in France only free men, having, for the right of others, due respect for their own rights, and embracing in the fraternal ambition to contribute to common well-being.

How can a party impose itself?