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Choosing Genuine AMF replacement parts is choosing certainty over uncertainty. •You can be certain we manufacture parts to original OEM quality. In bowling, a pinsetter, or pinspotter, was originally a person who manually reset bowling pins . The is the general standard in most AMF-equipped modern bowling centers today. It features a microprocessor-operated chassis that is.

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Manual reset after offspot.

It features a microprocessor -operated chassis that is upgraded to short cycle the machine for strikes, gutter balls, or 7—10 pick-offs. As the sweep nears the forward end of its travel, and then begins its ascent to its resting position, the table drops to the metal plate pindeck at the end of the lanebed, and release a set of pins, and then ascends to its own resting position, ready to be filled with pins once more.

The use of today’s technologies have made it possible to engineer in extra functions that make your machine more reliable and make searching for hard to find electronic failures very easy. When the player pushes their “Reset” button, the machine lowers a guard, lifts standing pins and sweeps away the downed pins. QubicaAMF Worldwide has also introduced many different scoring systems that are compatible with all pinsetters and pinspotters.

While humans usually no longer set the pins, a pinchaser, or in slang ‘pin monkey’, often is stationed near the equipment to ensure that it is clean and working properly, and to clear minor jams.

Pinspotter Parts

In this 870 you can actuate every switch in the machine. Many mechanical pinsetters are integrated with electronic scoring systems of varying sophistication.

The Maximumum Technology Offspot Switch automatically performs a sweep reverse and advances the machine to 2nd ball. The weight of the pin’s body makes it drop into the pan base-first, so that the pin’s base is facing the bowler. Two large rotating wheels, at the center rear of the unit, are situated with their common axis along the bowling lane. The control board can then do a fast strike cycle or do sweep reverse on a gutterball.


The sensor unit is separated from the switch unit and can be located in an area where vibration is not an issue.

A separate elevator next to the turntable transports the balls to the ball return system, which has a near-vertical ramp that the balls roll down to gain enough momentum to roll through either an above-lane or submerged trough back up the alley, entering the ball return rack next to the approach area where players can grab them.

Troubleshooting could not be simpler! The pin table always handles the pins by the neck.

Maximum Technology – AMF

When it gets to the top, it is deposited onto a metal track that usually leads underground, and is pushed along by a long accelerator belt. These animations show the difference. Apart from five-pin, rubber band duckpin is the only bowling variant that currently sanctions string type pinsetters. Ten-pin bowling Sports equipment Obsolete occupations.

The Maximum Technology Motor Start Switch is mounted on the outside of the motor and is connected with a wiring assembly that plugs into the switch.

While many pinsetters have a manual reset button to use in case the pinsetter does not automatically activate at the correct time, other types have no automatic tracking of the state of the game — especially for the candlepin and duckpin bowling sports which use smaller balls — and are almost always manually activated. The “arrows” were for the purpose of advising an inexperienced bowler to assist in spare conversion, by indicating where a second ball delivery should hit the remaining afm for a successful conversion, and were triggered by appropriate combinations of amt pins that helped the machine select which one of the eleven arrows to illuminate.

Am how and when to remove these template messages. Archived from the original PDF on All operate generally the same way with small improvements.

One popular pinspotter in this sport is the Sherman maf, named after its inventor, Ken Sherman, which was produced from The elevator lifts the ball to the return track. The mechanical portion of the pinsetter was originally manufactured in the Brunswick plant located in Stockach, Germany. The pit floor is angled such that the ball is gravity-fed to a track that leads to an elevator.


Wedged in between, the ball is rolled upward.

Soft belly or rubberband duckpin is played in Quebec. Unlike the pinspotters used for tenpins and duckpins, since candlepins have identical “ends” to them, the machine does not have to orient the candlepins in one particular direction.

The Maximum Technology Foul Unit.

Pinspotter Parts: Brochures – QubicaAMF

String pinsetters are more prevalent, and consist of machines attached to the head of each pin, by means of a cord.

Bowl-Mor pinsetters have a depressed pit approximately 14″ long at the end of the bowling lane, placed about 4″ below the level of the lane surface, with a curtain behind it, hanging past the lane surface but not touching the bottom of the pit.

Finally, the ball is pushed upward by two wheels located at the head of the ball return track, where it is deposited. Duckpin bowling is played in two varieties. Gottfried Fred Schmidt invented the mechanical pinsetter and sold the patent in to AMF firm, which largely did away with pinsetting as a manual profession, although a small number of bowling alleys still use human pinsetters.

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Free-fall 5-pin pinsetters work in a similar way to their ten-pin counterparts, and requires initiation by the bowler pressing a “reset” button as a candlepin unit does to “cycle” it, when a ball is bowled or pin knocked down. We have designed another unit that is even better protected against vibrations. The first Bowl-Mor pinsetters [4] were installed at the now-defunct Whalom Park amusement park in After the table lifts the remaining pins, the machine runs the sweep, clearing dead pins from the pin deck, then returns to the guard position.

When a pin rolls back, the smaller diameter of the pin allows it to fall rearwards through the ball return wheel.