About the Book Amanaskayoga is a text on layayoga which gives valuable technique of laya to transcend the mundane world which it considers to be a fancy. The Amanaska Yoga is a dialogue between the Hindu God, Īśvara and the sage, Vāmadeva, on a system of Yoga that leads to liberation in this. Documents Similar To Amanaska Yoga – Gorakhnath Damar Tantra. Uploaded by. Anonymous 4aChpF1hZ. Gorakh Darshan. Uploaded by.

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The final stage, nispatti brings uninterrupted bliss and is called rajayoga IV,which is a synonym for laya and amansaka in this text IV, The covering of this empty space within the Kadall, is referred to in a poem by Jnaneshwar 13 th century, mystic poet of Maharashtra”When the covering is removed, the air inside a plantain tree merges with the outside.

He also says, ‘The Mandalabrahmana appears to be a combination of several texts Both mention that the eyes and eyelids are not to move; so, the Yogi gazes without bahir drstir, II, 10but is looking within, unmanyag caiva tanmayah 11, And a theory of five gunas seems to have been developed in Goraksanatha’s ‘Siddha Siddhanta paddhati’ I,This is a body possessed of all the Yogic Siddhis, including the ability to transmute base metals into gold with one’s execrements, spittle etc” White,p Terminology such as kundalini, shakti, kala the moon’s nectarthe vayus, dhatus, nadis and cakras confirms a familiarity with Tantra, Hatha Yoga and possibly Ayurveda and Alchemy.

Be the first to receive our thoughtfully written religious articles and product discounts. Even some knowledge of amanaska bestows bliss and conquers all difficulties.

How much more will those whose chief aim is that? It presents an unusual amalgam of Yoga techniques and xmanaska unusual emphasis of practice b.

The Amanaska Yoga

But some well known verses are found in the Hathapradlpika about the source of which no doubt can be entertained; e. In this regard, each Upanisad stands closer to one another than to the Amanaska Yoga, which contains only two amanaskz on a practice concerned with light, namely jyotirmandala.

By it, the best of yogis knows of everything occurring in the universe. The interdependence of mind and breath is stated amanasak as the mechanism underlying Amanaska Yoga; the state of amanaska stops the mind, which stops the breath. The word ‘yadi’ in MS can be discarded, because it is likely that the structure of this verse is the same as that of the preceding verses. Moreover, amanaska state is a universal one and therefore can be practiced by all human beings. I was very pleased with the meticulous amanaka of shipping.


After eight nights in absorption, the Yogi is no longer afflicted by hunger and thirst I, All these words are used in the Amanaska Yoga. Uoga the highest reality is found, however, the mind maanaska like a crow perched on the mast of a ship 75 yatha tulam h tuladharas 1 cancalam kurute sthiram jate’ saukhye sadabhyasan k manovrttis tathatmani 1 Just as the one who holds the scales, makes the moveable scales steady, so, when happiness has arisen because of the yogi’s constant practice, the activities of the mind become thus i.

See Hathapradipika IV, When fire loses its potency, appetite is lost. MS is dated at AD by H.

As previously noted, those who know the highest reality enjoy liberation 1, Amanaska Yoga is also close to the entry, ‘Amanaska’, which the Catalogus Catalogorum Vol 1, p, Madras University uses to identity its manuscripts. His yogq sense organs, feet and hands are relaxed and immobile; he is free of disease. The Hathapradipika states that no duality is experienced when unmanl arises IV, 61and the yogi who is in unmanl cannot hear the sound of a conch or a drum, and his body becomes like a log of wood IV, They are like a ladle which does not know the taste of the cooked food.

See Hathapradipika II 2,40 They mostly refer to the breath and occasionally amnaska vitality in the profounder sense eg, II, I have never, ever, received such beautifully and carefully packed amanazka from India in all my years of ordering. It is advisable to find out as much as possible about a manuscript before arriving at the library that has it. In the second, there are verses in which an excellent lecture on the Amanaska Yoga is given’ 1.

In Amanaska Yoga, the Yogi can swiftly raise himself upwards javodaya and his body desires to travel by means of the mind manasa icchate gantum vigrahah. The main manuscripts hoga on ‘niskaladhyatmayogad’.


Thank you so much. It is a remarkable account because it gives meticulous detail on what happens to the Yogi as progressively longer periods of time in laya are attained. The guru’s role is similar to yoag in the Yogx Yoga. Amnaaska continues with the following three verses prakaSatmikaya Saktaya prakaSaprabhavakarah prakaSayati yo viSvam prakaSesau prakaSakah sarvam etac cidakaSam brahmeti ghananiScaye sthitim yate samam yati jivo amanxska etat paravaravido vadanti tapasvino jnanasamadhiyuktah anadivijnanam ajam puranam so ‘ham param brahmajagat samastam b MS gurusevaya c MS Mys tattvajnanah d MS prakagyate e MS Mys Sri Igvara vamadeva samvade amanaskasya yogaSastre Sri Therefore, having abandoned everything constructed by the mind, practise amanaska Yoganidra may be a synonym for the state of amanaska, because yoganidra is a state in which the highest reality appears.

However, unlike the Mandalabrahmana Upanisad, it then states that amurti taraka is amanaska Weight of the Book: It is to be recognised as anahata I have purchased several items from Exotic India: The great importance of Amxnaska mudra in the Amanaska Yoga can be seen in the emphatic injuctions to keep the mudra hidden II, 10, 12 and on the merit to be gained by the Yogi who practises it II, 12, The age of the manuscripts has been discussed elsewhere in my thesis.

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Amanaska Yoga (Rare Book)

In fact, the most compelling evidence against the coupling of verses in MSS, is that verses 9 and 10 of MSS Mys and are found in the Hathapradipika and in other Hatha Yoga texts’ 3as shown below. The ink has not faded much and the paper has few blemishes or creases.

Verify the characters on the left. In the Amanaska Yoga, it is described as: In other texts, a pala is given as 24 seconds Monier Williams,p 40 refer to the Amanaska Yoga, I, 35a nadi is breaths.

It is named rajayoga because it is the king of all Yogas rajatvat sarvayoganam.