: A Darker Domain: A Novel (): Val McDermid: Books. When Michelle Gibson reports her father, Mick Prentice, missing at the start of McDermid’s intricate but underwhelming stand-alone psychological thriller, Det. Subject: Question about “A Darker Domain” – warning spoiler. Why at the end when Susan meets Adam, does she say “I’m your gran, I mean.

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No one forced me to keep reading. A young mother contacts the police to report her mcdermod missing. It was abrupt and I wasn’t expecting it.

A relatively good plot saved what otherwise might have been a pretty unenjoyable reading adventure. A jogger stumbles upon dramatic new evidence that re-opens the cold case.

How seemingly unrelated incidents set DI Perie against her boss and on a complicated journey involving kidnapping, murder of coursepuppets, Tuscany, the miners’ strike, and a potential love interest. Just as well, because having read this one I look forward to reading more by McDermid. The machinery begins to grind and McDermid falls back on ideas that are not lazy so much as they are typical and half-baked.

I kept reading even though I felt led along by made-up characters purposefully created to bring out the class warfare etc as listed above. The business oligarch in search of his peace of mind. Plus, to set the clock ticking, a young child is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant from his missing father. The journalist in search of a story.

However, McDermid has a means of using varied timelines effectively while not convoluting the larger picture.

A Darker Domain – Wikipedia

Two cases are intertwined here, and the first is almost lost with most emphasis on the second, until they come together at the end. And it’s got such an intriguing premise. It didn’t help that–without giving anything away–a key character explained everything he did in a fifteen page letter, the epistolary equivalent of a drawing room confession, making that character utterly despicable in the process.


Art versus commerc I admire Val McDermid and so do alot of other people. Two cases are intertwined here, and the firs Part of my disappointment in this was that I was reading it for a purpose–making a list of Celtic Noir mysteries.

She is there to report a missing person. I don’t think that the headers help – in fact, I found them distracting and confusing.

A Darker Domain

I had listened to the first, Distant Echo, when it came out inwithout knowing it was the first in the series–wasn’t marketed that way. An extremely solid and nicely twisting plot; a couple of very engaging central characters; an interfering and weak boss; a powerful man who wants to know where his grandson is; a daughter who needs to find her father; a wife who cannot forgive; and a sister who is grief stricken 22 years after the unexplained; there’s an enormous amount in A DARKER DOMAIN.

If you like British mysteries be sure to try this one. She discovers a large blood stain, and a silksc This is the second of the Karen Domin novels.

A Darker Domain (Inspector Karen Pirie, #2) by Val McDermid

Apr 27, Kerry rated it really liked it Shelves: As she now has a young son dying of le Meh. Still, a good read. I guessed the basic solution 80 pages from the end and skimmed to reach the last page Politics dictate that Karen focus on that case. Her father is a last ditch attempt. It ruined, possibly forever, domzin public’s relationship with its police force. Haven’t read the 1st in the series yet but 2, 3 and 4 did not disappoint.

She writes full time and divides her time between Cheshire and Edinburgh. Kim Sweetman of The Courier Mail was less enthusiastic, observing that “compared with some of the other work of this master writer, it can be a little slow and convoluted” though it was still a good crime novel.


There is a clock ticking, but there’s not a sense of urgency to the solve the cases. But Misha will no longer take silence for an answer. Totally terrific writing and I liked the fact we got the background from the various witnesses on what has happened between the two very different cases. Bel readily agrees to go, hoping to get a book deal – or even a movie – out of the whole business. A true blown hack, with pretensions to the big-time, Mcrermid is convinced she can control and manipulate the situation to dqrker own ends.

How seemingly unrelated incidents set DI Perie against her boss and on a complicated journey involving kidnapping, murder of course darkrr, puppets, Tuscany, the miners’ strike, and a potential lov Wow!

All progresses with satisfying puzzle-solving believability. The reader can confidently navigate the story without losing their way as they seek answers. dommain

What makes us connect to a character, say, or a voice? Val McDermid, i like to imagine, is good with dogs.

To fully grasp the context of A Darker Domain you need to remember this. The known family have been ruled out as potential donors. Val McDermott always provides good suspense. At the heart of the strike.

It wasn’t just confusing jumping back and forth from crime to crime and from current day to the s, it was mcdrrmid. With options running out, she decides that the time has come to try and track down her dad, to see if he might help the grandchild.