The works include that of Sri Ramanuja (Sri Bhashyam and others), Sri Periyavachan Pillai ( prabandham commentary and others), Sri Vedanta Desika. prabandhams which make the divine collection ‘nAlAyira divya prabhandam’ Whereas, tirumAlai prabandham is considered as the essence of Sri VishNu. and he learnt all the dhivya prabandham with their meanings by the divine grace He added kaNNinuN chiRu thAmbu into dhivya prabandhams in . to understand every word of divya prabhandam though I learn it from a guru.

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Periyazhvar Thirumozhi – 2. O Lord sweeter than honey! Unfriendly folks laugh at you when you drink the milk from the pitcher and get punished. You go after the grazing cows, and roam the forest everywhere letting your bright face wither. You do not know you are our precious medicine.

Come, wear these Senbakam flowers on your coiffure. O Lord of eternal glory who swallowed the earth! O great icon of effulgent knowledge, my soul’s Master! You stand like a “Tilaka for the earth” in Vengadam. Pray decree that this bonded serf reaches Your lotus feet. My dark-gem Lord of Kannapuram, surrounded by high stone walls inlaid with gold! As Rama, menaing severed the heads of Lanka’s king Ravana! You are the jewel of the precious womb of the world famous Kousalya.


Sleep, my sweet child Raghava, Talelo! To the bond between us, many and many a thousand years. To the dainty lady resting on your manly chest, many and many thousand prbaandham.

Naalayira Divya Prabhandham

To the fiery orb discus adorning your right shoulder, many mezning many a thousand years. To the conch Panchajanya that strikes terror in the battlefield, many and many a thousand years. Many years, many years, many thousands of years and many hundred thousands more. Gem-hued Lord with mighty wrestling shoulders, your red lotus feet are our refugee.

Come let us recite Ramanuja’s name.

He set men of learning on the proper track. He worshipped the feet of the prolific poet Maran who rendered mouthfuls of praise for the Lord who bears the lotus dame Lakshmi on His chest.

May we always live contemplating his lotus feet. Is it because your feet are hurt? Is it because your body aches? Through feat of lifting Lady Earththrough feat of traversing the Earth!

You lie amid the Kaviri that fans out in Kudandai plains? The Lord reclines on a serpent in Kudandhai, Vehka and Tiruvallur. The Lord reclines on a serpent in Arangam, Thirupper and Anbil.


The reclines on a serpent in the Ocean of Milk. But the timeless, originless Lord easily enters the hearts of His devotees. Seekers of infinte joy, do not give up! Sing of the faultless Lord, offer flowers, incense and pure water. Our own Lord, He wears cool Tulasi, rides the Garuda bird and lives meanihg eternals; He joyously accepts and reciprocates the love of His devotees.

Purvacharya works library

The website imbibes the spirit of glorious sages like Bhagavath Sri Ramanuja, who proclaimed the Narayana mantra to the entire world, and the spirit of recent time saints like Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa who suggested bhakthi or devotion as the easiest means for this age for realizing God.

Please note that though the website promotes Divya Prabandham, the website is not tied to any particular organization or caste or religious sect.

Glory to Sri Ramanuja! Idvya to Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa! Dear Reader, To contact us please drop an e-mail to any one of the e-mail addresses mentioned below.

Glory to Sriman Narayana!