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1001DL PDF Datasheet Search Results

It was probably caught by reddit’s spam filters. Potentiometer 1001dk Started by norbss Yesterday at If you do a google image search on DNA and DNA you will find some schematics, any you may be able to piece together some info on those. Replacing a 4 pin leaded inductor with a 2 pin Started by gkmaia Yesterday at Theres another device in there on the high voltage side I’ll look into what that chip is next.

Depending on topology, it may be different. Keep brand wars to a minimum. The thing I dont get right now is that the chip is on the low voltage side on the ferrite tranny. Pc power supply dna ic. Any ideas on where it is or what I should be looking for?

Not sure whether the regulation is on the 5v line or the 12v line, I dont think they are seperate on this unit, maybe the 5v rail has a switching reg from the 12v rail.


Here is the datasheet of the TL And what section of the circuit needs to know this? Can’t find your submission? I labeled the 3 chips, however I have only been able to tell that the one in the middle is an op amp, the other two are perhaps marked with some dell proprietary nomenclature, I am not sure.

Datasueet might be able to hook up a scope to some of the pins on those chips and see which one changes when you load it up to the point where overcurrent kicks in. Datadheet is some feedback across the 1001vl through the 3 white optocouplers, so it may be that i am wrong, but i can’t tell you for sure. I’m thinking that 1001rl a feedback resistor divider and a reference voltage that I can tap into to adjust the output.

DL pdf Datasheet P1 Part Num IC-ON-LINE

If you have specific, targetted questions regarding homework, we will help you out only if you have provided some beginning work. I was trying to find the PWM Chip on any of them so I could attempt to disable it like this guy has done: SMPS use a TL to detect the output voltage and report back via an optocoupler whether the output voltage is too low or too high.

We won’t do your homework for you. This chip is almost universally used in SMPS because a everybody else’s supply uses it; b it works so damn well; c it’s part of the example circuit on all SMPS power supply controller datasheets; d it’s so damn cheap.


ic+dl datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Submit a new text post. Different products have different specs – if you’re an engineer, keep discussions purely based on merit.

Those white rectangles, southeast of the “1D4” chip, might be opto isolators.

Submit a new link. I remember your last thread. If the problem is truly an engineering problem, we’ll allow it, but fixing your laptop or a cracked LCD screen doesn’t qualify.

I had this issue when trying the same thing on a smaller Delta powersupply. Articles Top Articles Search resources.

The LM is an opamp, as you say. I’m thinking maybe this chip is the part of the circuit that converts 12v from the main output down to 5v. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Why, the pulse width modulator, of course! Welcome to our site! But what I need to know is where the PWM control chip is so I can try to disable the overcurrent protection on it.